How Can You Play PAL Video on an NTSC Player

To play PAL video on an NTSC Player your DVD player should be able to properly read the PAL DVDs along with region 2 and 0. This can be done only on standard North American TV screen because it is assembled according to the NTSC system.

However, many North American DVD players are not able to read the correct formatting of the PAL system as well as region 2 and 0. They can only decipher NTSC system and region 1.

You PAL video will play perfectly fine if the picture format of the DVD given on the instrument is NTSC and region 1. This kind of DVD will play both in home DVD players as well as in the ones rented from DVD shops in the USA and Canada.

If the picture format is displayed in PAL mode and region 2 or 0 (also referred to as ‘U’ for Universal) then you will have to check if the DVD player is multisystem as well as region free. You can find out more about the make of your DVD system from the DVD dealer who sold it to you. Normally, the DVDs all across Europe are made in PAL format and region 2 or 0.

The North American TV screens utilize the NTSC system for signal output. This means that your television set will splash only the signals that are compatible with the NTSC format (if it isn’t multisystem). It also signifies that the DVD player has to transfer the signals in NTSC system irrespective of the system and region encoded on the DVD.

Rumor has it that if the DVD player does not contain region and code then it can work in both types of DVD formatting, NSTC as well as PAL, and that too on the NTSC TV screen. This is unfortunately not true.

The display systems or picture formats like NTCS, PAL, Secam and more, are only a box of technical designations where the monitor is responsible for the output of video signal. Hence, the DVD player has to be formatted to display the output video signal in the same format as that used in the monitor. The DVD region is free of this specification.

DVD region is a program that is used to aid in the detection of the origin and region of the DVD film. This process has been aptly termed as “DVD region locking system”. Like mentioned earlier, the DVD players in North America are formatted to decipher region 1 and NTSC programs only. This automatically means that if the DVD player is reading the region of the DVD film then it will also read correctly the format or system (PAL or NTSC) which has been used to encode the DVD player.

Therefore, DVD players that are both multisystem and region free can decipher the picture signals and translate the signals into codes that can be read by your television monitor. So in effect it is only these kinds of DVD players that can switch PAL signal received from a PAL DVD and convert the signal to NTSC format on the NTSC TV screen.