How Parents Can Add Expected Child Details on Facebook

With so many new exciting features, Facebook continues to top the heart of youngsters with its functionality and fame. Here is another thrilling feature that it offers, the option of adding your expected child details.

This option is largely useful for pregnant women who wish to share the expected birth date and name of their baby to their friends and family through the Facebook profile. This new option has enabled the parents to let their friends and family know about your present status easily through an easy media. With it, you need not have to worry if your friends and family are separated from you by miles, you can easily update activities in their daily life with the sharing features introduced by the Facebook.

How To Add This Feature

Adding this feature is fairly easy with a few steps that will require just a couple of minutes. You can edit the settings on your Facebook to post the details of expecting a child. For that, first you need to login your account in the Facebook, and then go for the edit profile. Here, you will find the option, ‘friend and family’ where you have to go to the option, ‘family’. If you have already selected this option once and need to share it with others in your family, then go for the option, ‘add another family member’.

Here you will find the option, ‘select relation’ from which you have to choose the drop down box saying, ‘Expected: child option’. Now you can start adding your expected due date on the drop down box provided there. You can also add the baby name for your expected baby if you have chosen any. Once finished, your profile will reveal your recent activity to everyone you need to share it with.

What Happens When You Add This Feature?

Once you add this feature to the recent activity of your Facebook profile, your message will be automatically shared among the 17 members of your family starting from mother, father, sister, brother, grandmother, grandfather, cousin, nephew, niece, daughter, son, and so on. Thus, with this option you are adding your unborn child to the profile so that your close friends and family could have the easy means of congratulating and praying for you.

The Saddest Thing About This Feature

With this new feature introduced by Facebook, many would-be parents are excited in breaking the exciting news of their pregnancy through their Facebook profiles. But the saddest thing in this is that many of them creat profiles of their unborn child soon after receiving confirmation from their doctors that they forget that they will have to delete this message if miscarriages occur. In order to keep away from such common sad issues, it is recommended to create profile for your unborn child on Facebook after five months or so when the risk for miscarriage passes away.

Some parents are even unhappy with this feature that leads to the losing of the privacy of their child even before being born.