How Safe is writing Down Your Passwords?

The days are gone when you only had to remember just one password for your email account. Today, you have several accounts and profiles with many websites; you have email ids for work and home, social networking passwords, blog passwords, bank account passwords, eBay passwords, PayPal passwords and many other passwords for different services that you use.

And humanly it seems almost impossible to keep track of all these things, so many of us just write the passwords on a paper or notepad in computer. Is it a right thing to do? Let’s find out.

Office Computers

It is obviously easy to remember the personal ID passwords but when it comes to feeding the brain with office email, databases, accounting system, attendance logs and application passwords, your mind may just go dull. You would surely consider the option of writing the passwords somewhere on a piece of paper, mobile phone or in a computer file.

However, this practice can prove to be very dangerous as there may be several people who can harm you by using those passwords. Also, you can get fired for their deeds. Generally, it is against the policy of the company to write down passwords anywhere but if it’s not then also you have to be cautious. Writing a password on paper and then hiding it in a locker is also dangerous as we never know who is plotting against us as even the best of friends can cheat sometimes for money and power.

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Home Computers

The risk may seem somewhat lower at home computers but you cannot afford to lose your social networking and bank accounts to someone who can ruin your life. Moreover, Windows based computers are easy to hack and if you don’t use a firewall then it is a cakewalk for any black hat. It is also possible that someone has access to your home computer or thieves steal your laptop or PC. Another problem with writing passwords in a diary is that you cannot be 100 percent sure about the security, someone can always break into the house or your room partner can intrude into your wardrobe.


The best solution to this problem is using some good password manager software which can easily create and save unique passwords for you. Basically, the idea behind unique is that even your close people cannot guess it. It has been seen that people use common passwords for two or more accounts and that too are their names, birthdays, girlfriend names or any other general thing. This could prove to be very dangerous as people can easily guess these things, therefore opt for pass words which are long and peculiar.

It is true that people are getting increasingly intelligent about their banking and other important passwords but so are the cyber criminals and hackers. Therefore, you should be updated on your end and never share your details with anyone. If there is some emergency and you have to share the password with a friend or family member then change it immediately after the incidence and remain safe.