How To Access Music from Amie Street in Boxee

Amie Street is fast becoming a popular website for music lovers who want to listen to the latest songs. In this article we will tell you how to access music from Amie Street using the Boxee interface.

amie street

Amie Street is an amazing website where you can search for all categories of music including those by independent artists. The website is one its kind because it lets you download music for free initially but if the song becomes a hit, the price for downloading increases rapidly. You can create various playlists within the site and also download music directly to these playlists. Amie Street sees addition of fantastic features almost every week. In order to access music from Amie Street in Boxee we will use the mouse and the keyboard. However, users with remotes can use the device for changing and flipping through various sections in the menu. As a matter of fact, iPod users can use their iPod touch as a Boxee remote.

How to Download Music from Amie Street in Boxee?

The first step is to launch Boxee. Within Boxee go to Apps section given in the main menu and click on it. This will give you access to the app for Amie Street.

apps in the main menu

Below the Search Sidebar is a box with empty field. Type Amie Street in this box. The results field will also give you the option of Amie Street. search amie street

Now go to the My Apps section and add Amie Street in it. You will get an icon; double-click on it. amie street in my apps  In order to start the app, go to the Start and click on it.

click on start for amie st

The first thing to come up on your screen will be the Welcome page. The Welcome page will have the field where you will be required to sign in. This will create an Amie Street account for you.

welcome screen

Remember the password since you will have to sign in every time you want to access music in Amie Street. Signing up for an account is mandatory if you want to listen to and download music from the app.

account details

Once you have signed in using your signing in details, you will have the permission to browse through your Library, including the playlists. You can also look for the latest music and check out the information on various songs as well as artists. Use the pointer to read information about an album as well as the genre of music used in the album.

click to know more about the album

Creating playlists on the Amie Street website will let you play your favorite songs from within the list itself. You also have the option of navigating through the history of music you played from your playlist. playing songs on amie street Some users of Amie Street feel a little disappointed after coming to the site because the website does not hold true on all its promises. Some of the features do not work well and a few other features haven’t yet been made available to the public.


Boxee is still being fine tuned to work on Amie Street. Once the development of Boxee is complete, users will find their music experience of Amie Street getting enhanced; one will be able to download richer and better music in terms of quality. However, regardless of the few shortcomings, Amie Street app is still a fantastic app for all music lovers.