How to Access Your Dropbox Quickly in Google Chrome

There have been times when we wished we could quickly access our Dropbox files while we are browsing the internet. In this article we will talk about a cool extension that has been designed exclusively to enable you to quickly access your Dropbox in your Google Chrome browser.

Access Your Dropbox Quickly in Google Chrome

When you want to use your Dropbox in Google Chrome, simply go to the Dropbox extension page. Within the extension page you will be given the Install option. Select this option to begin the installation.

Once the installation is complete go to the toolbar option and click on the new Dropbox logo. You will be required to sign in through your Dropbox account. Check on the Remember Me option. This way you can avoid keying in your details every time you log in to your Dropbox account.

using dropbox extension

Once you hit the main page after the log in, you will see a list of all your Dropbox files and folders. All these will be located in the main menu of Chrome.

Dropbox files and folders

Simply click the files and folders to quickly access and browse through them. A single click on the files and folders icon is enough to open them.

click to open file

All the related images would have opened in a new tab in your Chrome browser. However, in order to open documents and a few other files, you will have to download them first. A simple click on the file icon will begin the downloading.

click file to download

Any recent changes that you made in your files, folders and documents will be reflected in the Recent Events box. This option is of immense use to people who work on shared projects and want to see the changes that have been made in the files.

This feature also allows you quick access to your Dropbox from any site. You can even keep a track of another (if any) Dropbox account as well. you can connect one Dropbox account with your PC and the second account with Chrome.

tracking second dropbox account

How to Access Your Dropbox from Any Computer?

There is no portable variant for your Dropbox. However, this extension can be installed in portable Chrome to easily and quickly access Dropbox from any computer.

Access Your Dropbox From Any Computer

In order to use the portable Chrome, you will have to first install it and then start it from your flash drive. Once the Portable Chrome starts operating you will have to install the Dropbox within Chrome.

drop box

After the installation of your Dropbox is complete, check the Remember Me option.

The extension is very useful when you log in to your Dropbox especially since you don’t require logging in from the same machine. If you choose to remain logged in to your Dropbox account at all times, you can access your account from anywhere and any machine.


This extension is an extremely useful feature for people who like to save their files in Dropbox. It is also helpful for those who use Dropbox for sharing and preparing group projects.

The extension simply displays the Dropbox mobile site but is still popular because the users find it quicker to access Dropbox using this extension rather than logging in on to the actual site.