How To Achieve Quality Twitter Following

In today’s world, everybody starting from young grandchildren to grandparents, small business to large business, almost everybody knows about Twitter Almost everybody signs up and creates an account, but only a small percentage of them know to use facility properly, especially getting “High Quality Twitter Following.”  We will discuss about the ways and means to achieve the same.

Achieve Quality Twitter Following

Bio Line on Twitter

They precede your tweets.  People come to know about you and your worthiness through “Bio lines.”  An important point to remember is that you can include only 160 characters 

bio line on twitter

Do not fill it with sales pitches and do not make it a spam message.  Make use of appropriate words to describe your business and yourself.

Tips on Getting People to Follow You on Twitter

Your contact list or business contacts can serve as a good tool for creating a great Twitter following.  If they are already having account with Twitter, invite them to follow you.  You can indirectly ask people to follow you by putting your Twitter URL in your blogs, email signatures, and websites.

You can also make good uses of Apps and Services.  Highly recommended among them is 1) MarketMeSuite 2) Hootsuite 3) TweetAdder 4) Socialoomph.  For Analytics You use Klout, it is a website that tracks Twitter analytics.  By using MRTweet you can get tweeps recommended and highly recommended tweeps you can consider as influential ones.

yellow page of twitter

You can also sign up with Twellow that happens to be the yellow page of Twitter.  You will be registered in a directory of Twitter and in a niche to which your business belongs.  Most Important aspect is building relationships that will last for long.

Relationships On Twitter

Building relationships is a vital necessity.  The following steps can be fruitful, to build positive relationships on Twitter.

Conversations On Twitter

You need to start interacting first.  Make use of @abc and get introduced to others.  While choosing to follow, follow those who happen to be authorities.

consversations on twitter

Thank Your Twitter Followers

Whenever somebody retweets your tweets, please say thank you.  It will help you to improve your reputation.

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Random Act Of Kindness

This is a Twitter terminology and it means that without anybody asking you must give.  For instance, if you are a blogger you can mention all followers of yours in your blog. Your followers will get surprised and he starts to think of you with respect.

Be Personal

You have to be personal, because Twitter followers feel comfortable if you are ready to interact with them in a personal way.  In Avatar, please show your real face instead of hiding your details.  Sometimes, transparency is the best policy on Twitter.  Transparency equals with honest among Twitter users.

You may know a common aspect about human nature.  Any person on this earth is always curious to know about his fellow human beings and inanimate objects. Twitter users are no exception to this.  They always want to know who is following who, they regular follow links to know the merits of users who are following in their niche of interest.  So please maintain transparency.

Thus, all the above discussions will help you improve the quality of followers and following on Twitter. You can constantly brainstorm for new and innovative strategies to improve your Twitter quality.