How To Add A “Post Draft To Blog” Button To Windows Live Writer Beta

Many times you will encounter the problem of posting drafts to your blogs. This is quite a common problem faced by the users of new Windows Live Writer beta. In this section we will give you tips and tricks on how to work your way around this issue. You will find it easier to post drafts to your blog with a simple click.

What Causes the Problem?

Primary bloggers often make use of Live Writer for writing their blogs which also involves posting drafts to their blogs often. This is obviously essential to avoid posting incorrectly worded articles to your blogs. Hard core bloggers first prefer posting their draft to their blog. Then they edit their posted draft and later publish it for the world to see.

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These steps were quite easy to perform with the older version of Live Writer. A simple click on the down arrow (located next to the Save Draft option) given in the toolbar followed by selecting the “Post Draft to Blog” option used to do the work earlier. It was a matter of simply two clicks and your requirements were taken care of.

However, this isn’t the case with the new Windows Live Writer beta. Posting drafts to your blogs is quite a hassle because there is simply no button that lets you post drafts to your blogs. In fact you have to go through a lot of trouble searching for this option since it isn’t listed in the main toolbar.

The only way of posting drafts on your blog in the new Live Writer is by going to the File Menu option – clicking the arrow given next to Save – followed by selecting Post Draft to Blog. Alternatively, you could use the keyboard shortcuts – Alt+F+V+B. However, it can be quite tedious to press this long an option all the time.

So How Do you Tackle This Issue?

The Live Writer has the Ribbon interface application that makes it possible to list the frequently used options in the Quick Access Toolbar. This toolbar is easy to use and can be accessed quickly. The toolbar is located to the left side of the windows. In the ribbon, navigate to the command you want to use and right click on it. Choose the “Add to Quick Access Toolbar” option.

How To Add A "Post Draft To Blog" Button To Windows Live Writer Beta

You can even change the location of the buttons by right clicking on the toolbar. You can place the toolbar at the location your find easier to access. You can even place the post draft button on top of your article to make posting the draft easier.


Many users agree that the ribbon interface is a useful application in the new Live Writer. However, they also feel that it can be rather time consuming to go to File menu every time they want to post drafts on their blogs.

But the above mentioned solution can make it easier for you to use the new Live Writer. Once you have customized the Live Write as per your requirements, you will find it very simple to use. In fact, using the above mentioned option will take the new Live Write a step ahead of the older one.