How To Add A Premium Theme To Your Tumblr Blog

Most of us think that adding a theme to a blog is nothing more than ensuring a good design for appealing looks. However, the fact is that a theme is an essential component of a blog, which offers other benefits such as SEO optimization, zero inclusion of plug-ins, auto-support for parts such as forums, and auto updates to make things work well.

However, most of these benefits are applicable to paid themes that further ensure both blog authority and security.

If you have a Tumblr blog, I would recommend the Premium Themes that offer a big selection of designs for customizing your blog’s appearance. It is true that Tumblr offers a myriad of attractive themes of which many are available without any cost. Nevertheless, the Premium Themes are among the best ones to offer elegant touches and utilities that are reliable.

Benefits of Premium Themes

A few premium themes have the ability to convert your blog into an influential portfolio, a showcase site, or a cinematography site featuring animations and transitions. Therefore, despite of the beautiful free themes, it is a wise choice to go for a Premium theme to make your Tumblr blog look amazing and more useful. So, would you prefer having a unique appearance for your Tumblr blog by applying a Premium theme? So, let us now look on adding a Premium theme to a blog in Tumblr in just a few seconds.

Looking For A Premium Theme For Your Tumblr Blog

The very first step in getting the most suitable Premium theme is to go through the large number of appealing themes at This is the URL of the Theme Garden that you can visit even though you do not have a Tumblr blog.

Here, you can preview all the Premium themes along with their rates. Among the variety of premium themes that can offer unique features, you must look for those that are designed for a specific domain such as photography so that you can find a theme that matches to the concept of your blog. All the premium themes are available between $9 and $49.

After finding the most suitable theme, click it for a preview. While previewing, ensure that you look at it properly before buying it.

This is because in most cases, the layout of posts might not change, but the sections such as description and header can be customized from your blog after the purchase. To know about more options of the selected theme, just check the Appearance tab.


Alternately, you can preview the Premium themes from your customization page by navigating to Dashboard --> Customize (on the left) --> Theme (tab).

However, note that the Premium themes will be listed first.

Buying And Customizing A Premium Theme

You need to buy a Premium theme by clicking on it in the tab called Theme and Purchase Theme.

This will display a popup wherein you have to enter your credit card info. Once you’re done, you need to click Next.

The card’s last four digits are seen on the popup after which you must click Confirm for buying the theme.

Now, Tumblr will take some time for processing your payment after which you come back to the normal dashboard.

All you have to do now is to click the Save + Close button to apply the new theme to your blog.

If you wish, you can surely customize this theme by exploring the Appearance tab options.

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Further, for making code-related changes, select the Theme tab and just click the Edit HTML button at its bottom.


The Premium theme is only applicable to the blog for which you have purchased it. In case of multiple Tumblr blogs, you will have to purchase a new theme for each of them.