How To Add A Watermark In Word 2007 Documents

A watermark refers to a valuable background text, pattern, or image that stays behind the content of the document. Due to its transparency, the content of the document over it is clearly visible.

Typically, one inserts a watermark in a Word document to convey its status or privacy. For example, a business plan document in Word 2007 would surely contain a watermark stating ‘Confidential’. This means that the status of this document is private and is sharable only among a few people.

Now, this indicates that it is vital for an author to add a watermark in a Word document that is supposed to be handed over to other people after completion.

Irrespective of whether you want a watermark to enhance the appearance or to specify the content as confidential information, this feature of watermark is a significant benefit for all the Word users. Let us now check out how to use it in Word 2007.

Problem: Want A Suitable Watermark With The Text ‘Keep Private’

Let us consider a scenario where you are creating a business proposal in Word 2007 for a new project. Your manager has asked you to insert a watermark in Word 2007 document. Now, this watermark will have the text ‘Keep Private’. Your problem is that you have just started to use Microsoft Word 2007 and are not aware of how to insert such a watermark. So, what to do now?

Solution: Make A Custom Watermark In Word 2007

Thankfully, in Word 2007, you can create your own watermark if you do not want to use the built-in equivalents. Your own watermark can feature either a text or image. In case of text, you can specify the custom text, font, font size, color, orientation, layout, and language; while in case of an image, you can specify transparency (washout) as per the requirement.

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Implement the Solution: The Page Layout Tab Offers the Watermark Option

In Word 2007, you insert a watermark by clicking Watermark in the Page Background group of the Page Layout tab on the Ribbon. If you want watermark text such as Confidential, Draft, ASAP, and Urgent; you only need to select the corresponding one from the drop down list after this step.

However, if you want a custom text as specified in the problem scenario, you need to go for a custom watermark that is available as an option in the drop-down list of Watermark. This opens the Printed Watermark dialog box wherein you can specify a custom image or text. Here are the steps of adding a watermark in Word 2007 with the text ‘Keep Private’.

1. Open the desired document in Word 2007.
2. Click the Page Layout tab.
3. In the Page Background group, click the Watermark command. A drop-down list is displayed.
4. Click Custom Watermark. The Printed Watermark dialog box is displayed.

5. Click the Text watermark option.

6. Replace ASAP with Keep Private in the Text text box.
7. Click the Apply button.
8. Click OK.

In case of an image as a watermark, just select the Picture watermark option in the Printed Watermark dialog box. Next, select a desired picture after clicking the Select Picture button. As a tip, do not clear the Washout check box if you want the appearance of watermark to be light.