How To Add Comments To Documents In Word 2010

When you were in school or college, your professor literally had to make red circles and write comments to highlight your mistake in the exam papers. Applying this same concept to the document of MS Word, you can do the same thing by adding comments to it, which simplify the review process. The only difference between the two situations is that the latter allows you to review a paper in a much neater way.

Further, in case of sharing a Word document, it is obvious that many people will be reviewing it, which means having comments from more than one person. Such a situation literally calls for an easy way to insert and manage comments for the different sections of text in a document. In this article, we shall look how to add comments in Word 2010.

How To Insert A Comment

To add a comment in a 2010 document, you need to first select the part of text on which you wish to comment. Then, on the Ribbon, click the Review tab and the New Comment button in the Comments group.

As soon as you do so, a balloon highlighting the selected text is displayed in the specially extended right margin. In this balloon, you can now enter your comment.

You will notice that the balloon displays the initials of your name. This is very necessary to have, as when different people add comments, each of them can easily know who else have added comments.

As a reviewer, you can add as many comments as required in the document. When you tend to add more comments, the balloon will show the comment number as well after the initials so that you know how many comments have been added by you in a document.

How To Go Through The Comments

Once the comments are added, you or somebody else might want to navigate them. To do so, you just need to use the Previous and Next buttons in the Comments group of Review tab to go to any comment in a document. And yes, you can even delete a comment or all comments at once by using the Delete drop-down button in the same group.

How To View Comments At Once

If you want to see all the comments at once, you need to access the Reading Pane. To open this pane, click the Review tab and select the Reading Pane drop-down button. This will display two options related to the view of the pane namely, Horizontal or Vertical. No matter in which view you open the Reading Pane, you can view the comments along with the date, time, and author name.

The Reading Pane not only allows going though the comments, but also facilitates editing the comments directly without actually going to the balloon. In case you want to still go to the balloon to know the text that it is highlighting, just click the individual comment.

How to Reply To A Comment Via A Comment

In case you are collaborating on documents, there might be a need to reply to a comment. Interestingly, you can do so by adding a comment to the existing one.

To do so, click the existing comment and then repeat the steps of adding a new comment.

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Can I Hide The Balloons

Yes, you can definitely do so. You can hide the balloons by making them inline. To do so, in the Tracking group of the Review tab, just click the Balloons drop-down button.

From the drop-down list, select the Show All Revisions Inline option. This will hide the balloons and the comment numbers will now appear besides the highlighted text. To see the comment, just move the mouse over it.