How To Add Free Google Apps To Your Website Or Blog

The free Google Apps are indeed fun to use on your web site or blog. It is possible to keep Google’s interface for your e-mail address from a custom domain. To do this, you need free Google Apps Standard for your web site or blog. It will give you a little from your web site as well as Google Apps.

Before you actually start, you should be capable of adding the required information to the WordPress blog. You will also have to change the domain settings.

Steps To Add Free Google Apps To Your Website Or Blog

Starting With Google Apps

Add Free Google Apps

Head over to the sign up page of Google Apps. Click “Get Started”. This will allow us to sign up for free Google Apps. It allows 50 users at the most. If you want e-mail addresses in excess of 50, you need to choose their Premium Edition services instead, which come at a cost.

Add Free Google Apps

Select the Administrator of your domain – which is you. You could use either a domain or a sub-domain as well.

Add Free Google Apps

Enter the credentials like your name, e-mail address, phone number, etc. On the second page, enter other details like the username and the password for your new admin account. The username will be your new e-mail address.

Now your new Google Apps account is ready for authentication with your domain name. The steps are likely to vary depending on if the site is hosted on or a different service.

Authenticate Google Apps With

Add Free Google Apps

If you have a domain linked to, add Google Apps to this domain. Select “Change CNAME Record”. Click on “Continue”. On the next page, you will have to copy the code in step number 2. Before clicking the button on that page, you have some more steps to complete. Those steps are mentioned below.

Add Free Google Apps

In a new window in the browser, open the WordPress dashboard. Click “Upgrades” and go for “Domains”.

Add Free Google Apps

Now, click “Edit DNS” link. Scroll to Google Apps and paste the code from Google Apps in the verification code text box. Finally, click the “Generate DNS Records” as and when you finish.

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This required DNS settings will be added to the records above Google Apps segment. Finally, save the DNS records. When you have completed these steps, go back to your previous window and click on the button to confirm that you have completed these steps.

Google Apps

Google has literally hundreds of apps in various categories. Google Apps for business, Google Apps for education, Google Desktop Apps and Google Mobile Apps are some of them to mention. Google also has Mobile standalone applications.

Google Picasa is a desktop application where you can edit and organize your photos neatly. Google SketchUp is another app that caters to sketching and 3D modeling structures. iGoogle is the mobile version of the iGoogle, which you can customize easily.

You can now access the Google Reader on mobile phones thanks to the mobile version of the Google Reader. Google Wallet is an Android app that can make your phone your wallet. It uses the Near Field Communication (NFC).