How To Add Line Numbers In Word 2007 Margins

Most of us normally tend to use Word for creating a variety of documents such as medical, contractual, and technical. Of these, the documents such as legal contracts or technical project reports need to have the line numbers so that one can note and review the terms and conditions in case of the former and the code snippets in case of the latter easily.

For example, it makes sense to say, “go to line 40 of page 7” instead of saying, “go to page 7, paragraph 2, and line five”. This is because the former makes the search quicker and easier. Don’t you think so? Well, if this is sounding good, you will feel even better to know that it is easy to add line numbers in Word 2007 margins.

Adding line numbers in Word 2007 margins makes it very easy to refer to the different portions of the document. Those who work with the medical, technical, or legal documents know how useful this feature is. So, let us explore this feature right away!

Problem: Reviewing And Fixing A Code In A Document Is Difficult

Let us consider a scenario where you have to review a technical project report of 150 pages in Word 2007. This report is full of code snippets and comments. While reviewing, you find that a majority of comments lack proper English. According to your company reviewing rules, you need to enter all the issues in an Excel sheet. Now, you know that entering issue in an Excel sheet as “Correct the grammar of the comment on 25th line of page 12 is time consuming, as the author has to count manually until the 25th line to locate the referred line. So, is there a better way?

Solution: Reviewing And Fixing With Line Numbers Is Easy

Fortunately, Microsoft Word offers numbering for each line except for those in textboxes, footnotes, endnotes, tables, headers and footers. You only have to inform Word that you want to see the line numbers. According to your requirements, Microsoft Word can display line numbers for the entire document, for a section of a page, or at fixed intervals such as every 20th line.

Implement the Solution: The Page Layout Tab Offers The Line Numbers Option

You can add line numbers in Word 2007 margins in different ways. You can choose to number the entire document consecutively, restart with number 1 on each page, or restart with number 1 after each section break. Moreover, you can even print your document with the line numbers in Word 2007 margins. Here are the steps of adding line numbers in Word 2007 margins for the entire document.

1. Open the desired Microsoft Word 2007 Document.
2. Click the Page Layout tab.
3. Click Line Numbers in the Page Setup group. A drop-down menu is displayed.

4. Click Line Numbering Options. The Page Setup dialog box is displayed.
5. Click the Layout tab.
6. Click the Line Numbers button. The Line Numbers dialog box is displayed with different options.

7. Select the Add line numbering check box.
8. Click the Continuous option.
9. Click OK twice.

Tip: In case you do not want line numbers in Word 2007 margins for a paragraph, click Page Layout --> Line Numbers --> Suppress for Current Paragraph.