How To Add Live Web Pages To A PowerPoint Presentation

Have you ever felt the need to show a live Web page during your PowerPoint presentation? I am sure you must have! So, what you used to do for this? Well, as far as I know, you must have included either a hyperlink to that site or the screenshot of the homepage. While the former way seems to be fine, you can face a major problem while implementing the second way.

What if the look of the homepage changes completely? Alas! You will end up showing a wrong Web page then, isn’t it? Now, it is obvious that including a screenshot on a slide is actually a risk. So, what you do then? Include a hyperlink?

Okay, what if I tell you that there is a better solution via which you can include a live Web page in your presentation without navigating to the site via a hyperlink? Sounds interesting, right? Well, then let us explore this method right away!

What’s The Secret Behind Inserting A Live Web Page In A Presentation

By default, MS PowerPoint offers no option for directly including a live Web page. Therefore, the method to add a live online page is surely a secret! This secret is to use the LiveWeb add-in to make your presentation dynamic.

How To Obtain The Add-in

You must first visit the Web site of LiveWeb at from where you can download the right add-in according to the version of your PowerPoint. After downloading, you need to extract the files and add the add-in to PowerPoint.

How To Add The LiveWeb Add-in To PowerPoint

First, open MS PowerPoint. If the version is 2007, select Office --> PowerPoint Options, while in case of 2010, select File --> Options. This will open the PowerPoint Options dialog box.

Now, from the left side, select Add-Ins and then spot the Manage combo box to select PowerPoint Add-ins. Finally, click the Go button. This will display the Add-Ins dialog box.

Herein, click the Add New button to display the Add New PowerPoint Add-In dialog box wherein you need to navigate to the location where you extracted the files.

Once you finish browsing, select the LiveWeb.ppam file and click OK. A warning message will be displayed for informing you about the presence of a macro.

 However, you need to click the Enable Macros button after which the LiveWeb option is displayed in the dialog box. Finally, close this dialog box and you are all set to use the add-in.

How To Use The LiveWeb Add-In

First, select the slide on which you want a Web page. Second, click the Insert tab and from the new LiveWeb group, click the Web Page button to open the LiveWeb wizard.

Click Next and you will then have to enter the URL of a Web site preceded by http://.

Now, click the Add button followed by Next. This will show the second step, which you have to keep it as it is for automatically refreshing the web page.

Click Next to perform step 3 wherein you specify the area of the slide your Web page should cover and the location of the page.

Finally, click Next, Finish, and OK to return back to PowerPoint.

You will now view a logo in the style of Windows 98 on your slide where the live Web page will show up. If you wish, you can move or resize it.

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To see the Web page, start a slideshow. The best part is that you can interact with the site as if you are viewing on your browser. This means you can actually demonstrate how to use the site. Isn’t this cool?

In case you need to change the Web page, click the Edit Page Property button from the LiveWeb group. Finally, save your presentation as a Macro-enabled one in .pptm format so that the Web data is not lost.

If you want to run this presentation on another computer, remember that even that machine must have this add-in. Do share your experience of using this add-in. We would be happy to hear from you!