How To Add More Functions to Office 2007 by Installing Add-Ins

We all use Microsoft office because this is one of the best tools developed by Microsoft for keeping and maintaining our documents. Suppose, if we want to add any special function in Microsoft office, then we will have to add add-ins in Microsoft office. This article will help you to add add-ins in your office so that you can easily make your office full of additional features. Here, we will look at office 2007.


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We regularly use MS word, power point, excel and outlook most of the time so look at them, how to add add-ins to your Microsoft office pack?

Here are some simple tips and if you follow these steps, you can easily add the add-ins

Microsoft office word 2007

1.Click on the button of Microsoft (left most corner), then a new window will appear, on the right corner of this window you will find a button “Word option”, click on this.

2. Now a new window will again appear; you have to click on will see all the add-ins active and running on the computer, to add new go to the manage box select add-ins type and click on go.

3. Here in the separate window you will see all the add-ins enabled in your computer, if you want to disable them simply clear the box.

4. To add new add-in click on add button, choose the file location where add-in setup is available and add them easily.

Microsoft office power point 2007:

Click on Microsoft button appears on the left most corner of power point application; a new window will appear in that window click power point option.
After this, a new window will appear, in which click on add-ins button.
Now you will see manage button with variety of options, choose any one of them and click on go button.
To add new add-in click on add button and browse the file of add-ins, select it and click on the ok button to add new features in power point.

manage add-ins Microsoft office excel 2007

1. To add add-ins, click on Microsoft button on the left corner of application.

2.Click on excel option, and then choose add-ins to add new add-ins.

3.Click on manage button according to application you want to add and click on go button.

4.Click on add button and browse the file of add-ins to add in the application.

Microsoft office outlook 2007

In Microsoft office outlook 2007, steps to add add-ins is different from other office 2007 applications. To add add-ins in outlook 2007 follow the following steps:

1. Open Microsoft office outlook, click on “tools” or use alt+T shortcut to open tools option.

2. Then click on trust center, when a new window appeared click on add-ins option.

3. Repeat the above mentioned steps after these steps which are similar in every step.

If, you want to uninstall your installed add-ins then simply remove by the above steps, but keep in the mind that you want to remove add-ins so use remove button instead of add button. So, by the above way you can increase the features of your Microsoft office 2007.