How to Add Other Languages to Office 2010

We all know that English is the de facto language used in MS Office. Nevertheless, this Microsoft program is flexible enough to support other languages such as French and Chinese. So, for those who enjoy working in their mother tongue or favorite language, this is a real boon.

If you have just brought a new laptop that has been shipped with MS Office in a language other than what you use, you might find it hard to use it. Further, you might be working as a translator wherein you surely need the proofing tools while writing content in other languages.

How To Add Other Languages to Office 2010

This means that multilingual users type text often in a language different than English. These are the situations wherein you feel the need of changing the language of MS Office. So, you would need to change the language of the Ribbon UI for practicing to write in a new language in MS Office. Here’s how to do it in the version 2010.

The Office Language Pack Makes it Happen!

By default, while running the English spelling and grammar check, Word will not check the spelling and grammar of text entered in a language except English. To make Word check spelling and grammar in both languages, you will have to install a language pack.

In MS Word 2010, the Office Language Preferences tool allows you to view your installed proofing languages. You can access this tool by selecting Microsoft Office --> Microsoft Office 2010 Tools --> Microsoft Office 2010 Language Preferences in the Start menu.

microsoft office 2010 language preference

When you open the tool, a list of editing and displayed languages is seen. In case there is an editing language that is installed without its proofing tools, a link will be seen to the official site of MS Office where Office language packs are available for you to purchase.

set the office language preference

Yes! The additional proofing languages are not available for free. You will have to pay around $24.95. However, the pro is that it is easy to install the pack. So, now let’s find out how to use it.

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Installing the Desired Office Language Pack

Once you purchase the pack online, all you need to do is run the setup file as normal. As soon as the installer opens, you will have to select the product for which you want to add a language pack. For example, the product can be Office 2010, Project 2010, or Visio 2010.

install language pack

Then, accept the software license terms and click Continue. Finally, click the Install Now button; but ensure that all the Office applications are closed before the click.

select microsoft office language pack

Now, the installation will take some minutes. Once it is over, the new proofing language gets enabled automatically. This is evident when your Office UI automatically switches to the desired novel language from its default or previous one. And yes, you will also observe that the proofing tools for the new language are installed as well.

Hurray! It is now possible for you to type and edit text in the required language.

Changing the Language

In case you want to change the language of your Office interface back to the default one or to another one, you can easily do so by accessing the Office Languages Preferences tool.

Change Office Display and Help Language

In its Choose Display and Help Languages section, select the required language and then click the up arrow button for shifting it to the top in the list. You can do so in both the lists: Display Language and Help Language. Finally, click OK.