How To Add Page Numbers To Documents In Word 2007 & 2010

Consider a scenario wherein you have created a Word document of 60 to 70 pages. Now, in such a case, it is quite difficult to track your data although you have inserted a TOC. For instance, if your document has comments or some important warnings, it is quite tough to locate a particular comment or warning. This is probably because you don’t know on which page it exists. This is where page numbers play a vital role irrespective of the version of Word in use.

If you have ever worked with Word 2003, you will know that page numbers are added either in the footer or header. The same concept applies to Word 2007 and 2010 as well. So, if you are new to any of these versions, here is how you add page numbers to your 2007 or 2010 documents.

Adding Page Numbers In Word 2007 Documents

First, you need to open the desired Word document in which you want page numbers. Second, on the Ribbon, click the Insert tab and select the Page Number option from the Header & Footer group. You will now see a drop-down menu or a gallery of page number positions or formats from which you have to select the appropriate option depending on where you wish your page number to be in the document. In Word 2007, you can have page numbers at the top (header), at the bottom (footer), in the margins, or at the current cursor position.

Once you have selected the suitable page number format, the entire document is disabled and only the area holding the page number is highlighted. In addition, the Design tab is displayed on the Ribbon for further formatting. You can come out of it by double clicking anywhere in the document.

However, do not do so immediately, as you might want to set some options for the page numbers. For instance, if you want to have different header and footer for odd-numbered and even-numbered pages, you need to select the Different Odd & Even Pages check box. Further, if you have a cover page, it is obvious that you don’t require a page number there. In this case, you need to tick the Different First Page check box.

You can also utilize the Print Preview mode to view how the numbers will appear upon printing the document. In case you do not like it, you can always come out of this mode and select another option from the page number gallery.

Adding Page Numbers In Word 2010 Documents

In Word 2010, the procedure of inserting page numbers remains the same as stated above. The only difference is that upon previewing it, you come across some more options.

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Customizing Page Numbers

Let us assume that you wish to see the page numbers in the footer preceded by the Chapter number so that the user knows which page of which chapter she or he is reading. To do so, select Insert --> Page Number --> Format Page Numbers. This will display the Page Number Format dialog box wherein you can select a desired number format and include a chapter number before the page number separated by a hyphen, period, colon, or dash.

However, for this, you must ensure that the chapters have multilevel list numbering dedicated to the heading styles. To do so, you need to select Home --> Multilevel List (third drop-down icon in the row of bullets under Paragraph button) and select the numbering style that is dedicated to headings (probably the third option in the second row of List Library).