How To Add Security To Office 2010 Documents

If you have Office 2010 at work or at home and you feel that no one should either open or edit your important office documents without your permission, well here is the solution. Before going on solution I would like to put my knowledge here that you can share your documents through an online application which is Web Apps.

But If you don’t want to take a risk of sharing data online without putting encryption on data than below methods would be helpful to you.

I am going to take a Word file (document) to show you how security works in Office 2010. You can use the same procedure to secure your Excel or PowerPoint data. There are two methods of putting security on Office 2010 documents.

1) Make Your Documents Password Protected:

Let me walk you through the process of putting password in your word document so that it should ask password before opening. At the top left hand side click on File tab and then click on info. Now click on protect document on the right hand side and choose Encrypt with password.

It will prompt you to enter the password to encrypt the contents of your file and then confirm it by re-entering your password. We are done. Now every time if you or someone else would try to open the file it will ask to put password. That was easy!!! isn’t?

Note: Password Protected Documents Cannot Be Shared Via Web Apps.

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2) Editing Rights Feature

If you want to keep your document in a non-editable format than you need to open your document and click on File tab at the top left hand side and click on info.

After that click on protect document on right hand side and choose Restrict Editing.

Now, “Restrict Formatting and Editing” window will pop up and you need to click on settings link to restrict rights and formatting. You can select or add users of your field who can make changes in edit settings of this document. Click on Ok to apply these settings and click on “Yes, Start Enforcing Protection” down at the bottom. It will ask you put password and the settings would be password protected.

Now restrictions are set in this way that if a user tries to access this document via Web Apps than he will get it in read only format only. If he/she tries to edit the document he will get an error and after clicking on “open in word” that user can open document in his/her local word format but to edit the document he/she needs to pass the password window. If user enters correct password than he/she can make changes in the document otherwise there would be an error of wrong password.

Final Word

Putting an access right on document, via “Restrict Editing”, is a new feature introduced by Office 2010. I love this feature as it provides online security to your document and it needs a password via enforcement feature. You can use encryption process in office 2007 also. If you have any question related to office 2010 security please raise it and I would love to answer that. Till then Happy 2010!!!

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