How To Add Spell Checking To Internet Explorer

We all face numerous occasion while using the internet when we need to carry out spell-checking on the text entered into the Internet Explorer window. Some of these occasions include sending an email, entering response or feedback into online forms, or posting messages on blogs, forums, and bulletin boards among others.

In the past people used to write their text in a Word document and then use the built-in spell-checking feature of Word to find and correct any existing errors in the text. However, the entire process is quite slow and tedious as you need to prepare a new Word file before you can enter any thing in internet explorer.

The good news is that it is now possible to add a spell-checking feature directly to Internet Explorer using two different methods. Read on to find out the two ways in which you can accomplish this.

Method 1: ieSpell

ieSpell is an extension available for Internet Explorer that can be used for spell checking of the text entered in text boxes on any webpage. It is ideal for all users who carry out lots of text entry into web pages in the form of forums, diaries, blogs, or web mails.

This spell checking functionality is extremely fast in comparison to any server-side solution available on a web application and much more effective as well. Not only this, this extension also allows users to save their person word list which can be used in all applications, without the need to maintain a separate list for each application.

When installed, ieSpell install a button on the IE toolbar which can be used to spell check the text entered in any form, by just clicking a single button.

Method 2: .VBS Script For Spell Checking

This script has been designed specifically for use with Internet Explorer 5.x. This menu adds a additional item to the right-click context menu called Spelling. To use this script, you need to have both Microsoft Word as well as Windows Scripting Host version 5.1 installed on your PC. Once both these requirements are met, you can easily install and use the script on your Internet Explorer.

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How To Add Spell Checking To Internet Explorer
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Download IE menu speller onto your computer and save in a directory in the same drive as your Windows installation files. Unzip all the contents from the zip file in the same directory. Then double click on Install_spell_It.vbs.

On restarting Internet Explorer, you will see this new item in the right-click menu. Whenever you want to spell-check any text, highlight the text and right-click on it. Point to spelling on the right-click menu and Microsoft Word’s spell checking utility will be launched, which you can use to make the required correction on the text.

Though it is possible to check the spelling of any text on Internet Explorer, the program is most effective when you correct editable text such as text written in forum post field. Once done, just press Ctrl+V for pasting the corrected text to the editable field from the clipboard where it is stored for correction.