How To Add Traditional Comments to Tumblr Blogs With Disqus

Having a comments section at the end of your blog post is a good way to communicate with your readers. This simple thought has produced many interesting and noteworthy comment apps both for blogs and web sites. You can add the conventional comment box for your Tumblr blog. Adding the Disqus comment method is easy.

Tumblr has the “Like” and the “Reblog” options, which are an effort towards reinventing the comment system. But the downside is that the system works to its finest when your readers are also using Tumblr. Though Tumblr does not have its in-house commenting method, it is easy and it allows integrating Disqus commenting system.

disqus on blog

Benefits of Having the Comments System

The most important benefit of having the comments system is being in touch with your readers. Communication gets easier as well. It gets easier to broaden the horizons of your blog or web site. On second thoughts, having the comments system is fun and useful at the same time. With the help of the social networking sites, it is easy to get the feedback as well.

How To Add Traditional Comments to Tumblr Blogs With Disqus

Register Your Blog

For registering your blog, you will have to go to the Disqus web site. On the index page, you will find the button to sign up. You will have to put in the URL of your blog. The address normally ends in In the next text box, enter the name of your site and a Site Shortname in the last. Keep everything simple so that only you can remember the details later.

registering on disqus

The next details are more important as you have to enter your username, password and email address. When you have done with all the formalities, click “Continue”, where you will be taken to the setup page.

The Setup Page

On the setup page, you will have to select the necessary settings that you can integrate for the commenting section. “Language” is the first option, which is selected by default. Other options you can select are “Trackbacks”, “Akismet”, “Reactions”, etc. Additionally, you can skip this step and continue to the next.

Optional Features by Disqus

The optional features are very interesting indeed. You can add the Facebook API connect key. It will allow you and your friends to share comments without the hassles of logging in.

Another important, but optional feature is Akismet. No one will like to keep removing all the spam comments manually. In fact, doing it will take away all the joy of blogging. Remember to enable the spam filtering for the comments posted. Do not forget to enter the Akismet API key. If you do not have one, you can always sign up to get the key free.

The Reactions box is a good place to see what other people are saying about your web site. There are a lot of services to choose from. “FriendFeed”, “Twitter”, “Digg”, “Reddit” are some of the services that you can subscribe for. Getting reactions is good for you as you know where you need to improve and what your strong points are.