How To Add Two Graphics Cards In One Computer Using Crossfire

Truly, the gaming sector isn’t child’s play anymore. Although gaming consoles such as Xbox 360 and versions of PlayStation along with their counterparts like Kinect and Move are quite popular, PC gaming hasn’t taken a backseat.

In fact, there are new gaming machines emerging from manufactures like CyberPower, Dell, Asus alongside superior accessories from Razer, SteelSeries and so on. The internal components that further help spruce up your gaming sessions require support for graphics cards. There are several graphics cards to help PC and gaming enthusiasts stay glued to their PCs. And if one graphics card does not suffice then you can even add an additional one, if your PC supports the requirements.


You can add two graphics cards to one PC in S.L.I configuration or crossfire, provided both cards belong to the same type. Now, we are looking ahead into how to add two graphics cards in one computer using ATI Crossfire. As we said, two graphics cards can be used, however they should be identical.

This helps elevate the overall performance level. Now, you can’t just pick any system and add two graphics cards. For ATI crossfire, one requires the system to incorporate the ATI Crossfire technology. First of all, your motherboard should be capable of crossfire and come equipped with two PCI slots. Then on, you would require a crossfire bridge connector, tools to work it out and power supply that can source both cards.


Firstly, it is important to uninstall the drivers or say software of the graphics card you are presently using. This can be done by accessing Add/Remove programs under Control Panel and removing the software that supports your graphics card.

Then, you will have to download drivers for the new cards. You need to follow the set of instructions provided by AMD and save the drivers in a convenient location that can be traced back. Once the software part is done with, move towards some labor work.

Here’s some physical work, removing the graphics card from your CPU. You will have to open the chassis, so ensure that your PC is switched off and not connected to mains power. Hitting the power button a couple of times will drain out the power (if any) while take measures to safeguard yourself against electric power anyway. The circuit board within that holds the graphics card must first be set free from all power cables connected to it. A push on the clip releases the board while a switch further disconnects it from the motherboard.

Well, it’s the time to add your new graphics cards one by one. Tighten them accordingly to ensure the right fit and connect the power cables. Now connect the CrossFire bridge and recheck once gain to ensure your connections are in place. You can now close your chassis and turn on the PC. Simply install the downloaded drivers and once the procedure is complete, restart your PC.

So, this is how to add two graphics cards in one computer in ATI crossfire. However, remember to take the necessary precautions and keep the essential tools handy to further pace up the process.