How To Add Video From The Web In PowerPoint 2010

In the former versions of PowerPoint prior to 2010, if you have to show anything from the World Wide Web, you had to navigate to it using the hyperlink. However, MS PowerPoint 2010 has eliminated this need of switching to the browser for viewing the relevant online content.

This is because you can now show it up directly on your slides. Whether it is viewing a live Web page or playing a video, MS PowerPoint 2010 makes it possible to perform these tasks directly on the slides. In this article, we shall check out how to insert a video from the Internet in MS PowerPoint 2010.

How PowerPoint 2010 Supports Adding Online Videos

Let us assume that you have to insert some YouTube videos in your PowerPoint presentation. If you had to do this task in PowerPoint 2003 or 2007, you would have not found the option of including a video from the Web. It is only available in PowerPoint 2010 due to which you get a wider choice of videos to be inserted in your presentations.

For example, you can insert videos from YouTube, DailyMotion, Flickr, HD share, MyVideo, and so on. The best part is that PowerPoint 2010 allows inserting and playing a video irrespective of its format. This means you will never face a compatibility issue or the need of file format conversion here.

However, you need to keep one thing in mind that the computer on which you play your video from the presentation must be linked to the Internet. Although this is a good-to-know fact, it is even better to know that you might not wish to add a video from the Web in case the presentation is quite vital or official.

This is because there is always a possibility of the site being down for maintenance, slow connection, and no video available due to recent removal. It is obvious that you do not want such issues to come up. However, overall, adding a video can be quite useful occasionally.

What Is The Procedure Of Adding A Video From The Web

First, you need to open the PowerPoint presentation. Second, select the slide that is supposed to play the desired video. Third, select the Insert tab on the Ribbon and from the Media group, select Video --> Video from Web Site. If you have to add a YouTube video, you need to copy the code of the video in the Embed text box as shown in the image and paste it in the Insert Video from Web Site box.

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Remember, in this box, you cannot paste the URL of the YouTube video, as PowerPoint needs the embed code, not the URL. In case you add a link, PowerPoint will display it as an error and will ask you to correct the code.

Now, click the Insert button. Once you do so, the video gets embedded on your slide and the Format as well as the Playback tabs display themselves on the Ribbon under Video Tools.

This means that you also get the freedom of editing the video by using the Format tab. You can trim your video, apply the desired style and effect, fade in and out the video at specified intervals, and bookmark key points for instant access.

Lastly, you can watch the video by clicking Play under the Preview section. This will play the video on the slide. Now, you can modify the appearance and control the playing options such as volume.