How To Adjust App And Web Site Permissions On Facebook

As we all know, Facebook has become like an addiction. From youngsters to senior citizens, almost everyone is present on it. If you carefully observe, you will see that a lot of teenagers and youngsters join it.

That is simply because they are more quick and aware about its usage. But for people who are not in this category, it gets very difficult for them to catch up. So for such people understanding the security options and ensuring full security is highly important.

App And Web Site Permissions On Facebook

They contain a lot of information that can be leaked and misused. Understanding how the applications and other things works on Facebook are very important. Hence, if you also wish to adjust apps and web site permission on Facebook, then follow the below mentioned points.

How to Adjust App and Web Site Permissions On Facebook

Open account

Firstly go on the main page and log into your account. Correctly fill in the username and password and move on to the next step.

Home or Settings

In the earlier version of Facebook, on the top extreme right hand side, one could see a “settings” tab. But now it has been replaced by a small downward arrow type symbol. This symbol is right next to the home button. Hence click on the arrow symbol.

Choose Option

As soon as soon as you click on the arrow symbol, a lot of options will open in the list form. They will be, help center, account settings, privacy settings, use Facebook as page and Log out.

How To Adjust App And Web Site

Out of all the options the user will have to select the privacy settings option. This will again take him or her to a new page with a lot more options to choose from.

Apps and Websites

Once you click on the privacy settings options, there will be an apps and websites option too.

Adjust App And Web Site Permissions On Facebook

You will further have to press on this particular button as it will help you even much better.

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Edit Settings

Again a list of options will appear in front of you. They will contain all the apps and websites that you have clicked on and wish to edit.

Web Site Permissions On Facebook

Hence, on the right hand side, look a tab called the edit settings tab.


According to your choice, you can make all the adjustments that you wish to.

Adjust App And Web Site Permissions On Facebook

This is possible for each and every application and website.

Further Adjustments

One can even customize the applications in accordance with one’s liking.

Adjust App And Web Site Permissions

You can simply hide to make visible it to only those people whom who wish to.

Save Settings

Do not close the page before you save all this. On the bottom a save and cancel button will be visible. Click on the save button in order to let the changes take place. If you click on cancel, then all your efforts will go to waste. Hence, make the right choice in the end because that is what matters the most.

Therefore, these easy steps can even teach a child this simple procedure. Just carefully follow all that is mentioned and you will be through. If the user needs more information then hoe or she can follow the below mentioned links.