How to Advertise a Blog Site On The Web

When the concept of blogs first came out people did not really know what they were used for. Were they diaries? Well if they were diaries why would anybody be interested in reading someone’s personal diary and why would people make their personal stuff available online?

Today, all these questions have been answered. Blogs can be written just about anything-they may make political statements, promote a product, offer research information or give tutorials. If you make it interesting and write original stuff people will definitely stop by to read.

Blogs can help you make pots of money if you know how to use it for earning money. Some people earn so much by blogging that they do not require any other source of income. Besides, blogs may also be used for search engine optimization.

It is true that blogs are a great way to build your onilne presence, create a unique space for yourself as an expert in your field or simply connect with like-minded individuals. However, if you do not have a plan to advertise your blog you will be unable to make any impact or get readership. To attract more traffic to your blog you have to promote it fiercely.

Ways to Promote Your Blog

Participating in Relevant Forums:

This is one of the best methods to promote your blog as it will enable you to connect with your target audience. Try putting relevant and meaningful comments which readers might find useful. If they appreciate what you’ve written they will want to know all that you have on offer. Avoid writing in a manner that makes your promotional tone very apparent.

Networking With Other Bloggers: 

Try following other bloggers who have a wide readership. Find popular bloggers in your field and follow them. Leave meaningful and interesting comments on their blogs and do not forget to include your blog address. This is also a great way to draw traffic to your blog.

Using the Social Media:

The very first thing that you can do in order to advertise your blog on the web is to put up your blog address in all your online profiles. If you are a member of any social networking site make sure to provide your blog address on your profile. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin are very popular networking sites and you can cache in on their popularity.

Posting in Article Directories:

There are several online article directories for which you may start writing. These article directories are a good way to get your blog noticed. Article directories get huge amount of web traffic and you associate your blog with them you will also gain. Just make sure to include your blog address in your article so that when people search with a particular keyword your article comes up in the search results and the blog address is exposed to them. EzineArticle, Squidoo, GoArticles are some well known article directories.

Write Press Releases:

Writing press releases may also direct traffic to your blog. Write them and submit to the press release sites. Remember to provide your blog URL.

Join Group Forums:

Joining group forums such as those on Google, Yahoo or MSN allows you to post ads for free. You ad will be visible to all members of the forum when they log into the forum. They may also receive your ad by email if they choose to receive email alerts from the forum. Besides, your ad will also show up in the group forum provider’s major search engine.

Make sure you post the ads once every day or in a couple of days. This will ensure that your ad remains visible else it will be replaced by the rotating ads. This is a very effective method to advertise your blog but requires time and maintenance.

Send Ads to Group Forum Mailers:

Most of the group forum mailers charge a certain amount of fee but most are free. The best thing about these group forum mailers is that they have a form set-up ready to mail your ads to the group forums that you have signed up for. This method does not require you to manually visit each and every forum and post your ads. The group form mailers, however, require you to join the group forums before they post your ads to. This is a very efficient method that will ensure that your ad reaches out to thousands of people at one go.

Create Electronic Business Cards:

Use graphic editing applications like Photoshop in order to create a business card containing your name, email and blog URL. Using this image as a signature on forum posts, blog responses or emails will help develop a visual identity for your brand which people will remember.

Create YouTube videos:

If you can create an interesting, hilarious or controversial YouTube video it will become viral overnight. Not just that it will receive many views. Also create a commercial advertisement to promote your blog. If you advertise on YouTube you will get to see exactly how many views are received by your advertisement. If you have enough funds you may also invest in a featured video that places the video on YouTube’s homepage for a day.

Guest Blogging:

There are many websites and blogs that allow guest bloggers. Contribute effective content to those sites and link them back to your blog. Most of the websites will not pay you for your content but the fact that it gives you an opportunity to promote your blog is well worth the effort.

Sponsor Freebies:

Everybody loves freebies. There is nothing that attracts more traffic than a giveaway which comes free of cost. For instance, if you run a beauty blog you can organize a short contest and give away some products. Or if you write on the political niche you may offer a popular book as prize. Freebies manage to create the much desired buzz in the blog world. A contest entry may require a link back to your website, putting a ‘like’ on the social-network page or simply following your blog.