How To Apply For Google+ Brand, Business Profiles

Owing to the increasing popularity and reach of social networking websites businesses also come up with their online profiles to increase their brand value and to reach new potential customers while maintaining relations with the existing audiences. And when it comes to online business profiles on social sites, Google + is gaining fast momentum among the web users.

It’s happening and interesting. But G + is only in its first phase and limited to ‘invitation only’ account activation for this trial period. Moreover, the personal profile format in Google plus can’t be used by business owners to create their company profile to promote their brand. But the buzz around the corner of the web gallery is that Google might be trying to find out some ways for the business owners to make use of G plus for the promotion of their companies.

How can a Google plus profile help to boost your business?

Having your business profile on social networking sites can work as a marketing and promotional technique without paying a huge amount of bucks for it. News about the product or service launches, new offers or sales, company updates, information about events and meetings can be announced publicly.

Besides you can stay connected with the existing customers and also reach new potential clients as well. Moreover, considering the popularity of Google as a brand and the huge number of its users, it is easily understandable that having a business profile on G + will add up to the brand value.
Start off the Google + experience for your business profile

If you plan to create a G + profile of your business to promote it worldwide with no extra cost and increase brand value of your products or services, you have to opt for ‘Google + entity profile application’. This is an online form provided by Google, where you have to enter your personal details and role in the company along with necessary details of the business.

But it is strictly available in experimental mode. You can fill up the profile application form but G + will review all the applications that will be submitted by other businesses along with you and on the basis of that review it will decide who will be allowed to be a part of this early program.

However, it is not a final rule, clarified by the Google plus team. Once the test mode will be over, there will be no such restriction on business users. But for the time being creating a profile for your business on G + will depend on the review result of your application.

Although, considering the increasing number of people turning to Google + every day, one can expect that the option for creating business profile is might not be far-off. They also might consider slotting in ‘business pages’ for test profiles as well to check how users and customers will react to them. But for that we need to wait and see. Google plus has got a number of features in its sack.