How To Auto-Publish Facebook Post on Twitter

Facebook constantly keeps rolling out a large number of new updates every now and then. Another one of these features that has been launched in the recent times is ‘publishing updates on twitters from Facebook’.

This latest integration of Facebook and twitter allows users to publish their status updates from Facebook automatically on Twitter as well. Though this feature is currently available for Facebook pages alone, but hopefully it will be available for Facebook profiles soon too.

auto publish facebook post with twitter

This feature is especially useful for public figures, musicians, organizations or businesses that have their own Facebook pages and often wish to share their updates, event details or photos with a large number of their supporters. Many celebrities, these days, share their personal news with their fans and charities may wish to publish call for help to users on both twitter and Facebook at the same time.

If you also manage your own Facebook page, you can now decide if you want to share your updates with your followers on Twitter as well. Not only this, you can also control the kind of updates you wish to share: status updates, photos, events, notes, links, or all these. In case you own multiple pages, you can even link all the pages to separate Twitter accounts.

How to Publish Facebook Updates Automatically on Twitter?

Given below is a quick and simple guide for all users who want to learn the technique of updating their twitter status through Facebook. However, remember than only those status updates that are set to public can be autopublished on twitter.

To begin with, visit the link and choose the page that you want to link to twitter. After this, click ‘Link to Twitter’ button located at the front of the page that you want to link. Doing this will take you to a different page where you will be asked to login into your twitter account, in case you are not already logged it. However, if you are, you will be prompted to authorize the app directly.

authorize app

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Once you do this, you will again be redirected to page, where you will have to configure the details and choose the updates that you want to share with your followers on Twitter.

page settings

To check whether the settings you have just made actually work or not, visit your Facebook page and add a new status update set to be visible to public. Now open twitter and check whether the same update has been published or not.

That’s all! Just by following these simple steps, you can link your twitter and Facebook accounts and you can keep your twitter followers updated through facebook, without even logging into the twitter website.

How Can Bloggers Derive Benefit from Facebook-Twitter?

By linking twitter and Facebook together, bloggers can keep their followers from both twitter as well as Facebook updated about their website as well as post links to the new updates in their blogs. However, it would be a good idea to disable things such as events, videos, notes or images in the settings and allow only status updates to be published on twitter automatically.