How To Avoid the Apple QuickTime Bloat with QT Lite

How many times have you come across a video while surfing that you wanted to watch immediately? Many times. You run out of your luck as you do not have the QuickTime to see the video. However, you can do away with the QuickTime Bloat to go with something that is more superior. You can overcome this problem with QT Lite.

So What is unique of QT Lite?

The difference between the Apple QuickTime and the QT Lite is that QT Lite requires the minimum of configuration. It can be installed only with the required components that may be needed to play the content in QuickTime. With the QT Lite on your side, you should not feel the need to install the bloated QT from Apple. Let us have a look at what QT Lite can do for you.

qt lite

What is Annoying with the Apple QT?

There are loads of things that would annoy you when it comes to Apple QT. When you stumble upon a page where you need Quick Time, you will get a link that points to Apple’s web site. The link expects that the user will download full version of the software and will install all the things that come with it. The user has no choice and is forced to get the entire QT Player even if he/she may not need it.

quick time required

You also get a tool called Apple Software Update. However, if you do not have any other Apple product installed on your computer, this tool is really unnecessary. “iTunes+QuickTime” option is selected by default. This mean, if you were to run an update, you will also get the iTunes no matter if you want it or not.

apple software update

Apart from it, you will also get a Picture Viewer installed. A user will have to go through all these things just for the sake of watching one single video.

picture viewer

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What is great About QT Lite

When you know what Apple gives you without asking for, you will certainly come to a conclusion that QT Lite is far better. It is the righteous alternative to the Apple’s product and importantly, is hassle free. The feature that speaks for QT Lite is that it installs only those components which are necessary for QuickTime.

setup qt lite

When you are installing the QT Lite, take care to select the option of playing the videos in all the browsers. You will see the alternatives Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, Opera and Chrome in the list. That gives you the freedom of using the tool no matter what browser you are using.

Even with fewer options, QT Lite has the edge over QuickTime. The secret is that QT Lite comes with the same type of settings and preference options that one would expect in a standard QuickTime version.

quick time preferences

Once everything is installed, you can easily watch videos that are embedded on the web page. Coming back to QuickTime, it does not really deserve a bashing. However, it is practically unnecessary to install just about everything the tool offers.