How to Back Up Internet Explorer Favorites

Most of us have tendencies to visit one website more occasionally than the others. We do tend to remember our favorite websites.

But in case of some internal links like company’s internal portal or some websites personalized area which we frequent almost every day, large & complicated URLs are generally mentioned which can’t be memorized.  So it is always easier to bookmark your favorites and open them with a single click, which most of us often do.

What we forget is that it’d be impossible to retrieve links smoothly in case we are migrating to a new PC or if we format our hard drive. In that case our saved pages or bookmarked links ought to get lost in the process.

export ie8 favourites

We can avoid this by making a backup copy of the saved pages and favorite links.  This backup process is especially browser specific.  Given below is a detailed process on how to backup your Internet Explorer 8 Favorites.

Process of Backup

First go to “Start” & then “program” & open internet explorer 8.  After opening your browser window, notice the “Tools” tab at the top left corner of the window. Click on the tab.

After clicking on it, a menu will come, click on the “menu bar”.  If the menu bar is already selected, then you don’t need to do this step.

Now check the upper left hand corner of your browser window & click on the “File” option, another menu will come.  There you will see a tab of “import & export.” Left click on “import & export” option.

import export option

After selecting this option, select “Export to a file” & click the tab “Next.”

export to a file option

After clicking next, another option will appear on your computer screen.  Here select “Favorites” and then hit the tab “Next.”

export favourites

After which, you will notice that “Favorites” is already highlighted.  Make a double click on “Favorites.” Once you do that, everything which comes under “Favorites” collapses & goes into the “Favorites” folder.  Click “Next.

favourites folder collapses

Here you can see that the computer has already assigned a default file name to your backup.  It is always so, in every system when you take a backup of something the system by default assigns the name of your backup folder.

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Try not to change it, or else it could ruin your work and the process.  You don’t have the option to change the assigned file name in most of the systems.

exporting favourites

You will observe that the backup file name is given like “bookmarkxyz.htm”.  Generally the default file locationfor the backup would be “My Documents,” but you can change it, by selecting “Export.”  Now click on “Finish” and the process is complete.

export successful

Remember a very simple, but valuable lesson; never save your system backup in your system.  It implies if you store the backup into your PC & your hard drive gets crashed, then the entire pain to create the backup will be lost doing no good.  So always store your backup files into external hard drive or make a copy & store into another storage device.