How to Backup and Copy Data Between iOS Devices

The software for iTunes is technically capable of backing up your data properly. However, the only problem is that the backups become encrypted and inaccessible. So what do you do if you wish to copy and save your videos or games on another device? In this article, we will look at how to backup and copy data between iOS devices easily. How to Backup and Copy Data Between iOS Devices

You can use iTunes for backing up the iOS device. The iTunes do a good job of creating back up files for you in case your device gets stolen or becomes non-functional. The only areas where iTunes slip as a great back up device are in the selective backup and restore functions.

Along with this, iTunes don’t do a good job of backing up 3rd party data.
How to Successfully do 3rd Party Data Backup?

In order to do this you will require:

• A PC (even Mac will do) that has iPhone Explorer installed.
• An iOS widget like an iPhone, an iPad or an iTouch. The backup data can be picked from any of these devices.
A sync cable

In order to do selective backup of the system applications, you will require a jailbroken phone. This will safeguard the root access for the system directories. In this article we are discussing data retrieval for third party applications that don’t use root directory for saving data.

How to Get Started ?

Begin by plugging in the iOS device to do a full backup. Before beginning the process of backing up it is important to store your data in another device in case something goes wrong.

Once the backup is complete, first download and then install iPhone Explorer. This is a free application available on the web. The iPhone versions can be used for Windows as well as Mac OS X. The iPhone Explorer is an excellent application as it helps do a thorough and easy search of the system files on the iOS.

iphone explorer

Now connect the iOS with the computer system using the sync cable. Sometimes, the iTunes get mounted automatically; remove it but don’t unplug the sync cable. In a scenario wherein the iTunes take charge of the iPhone Explorer then the latter will give you an error reading that the device is unavailable or that it cannot be accessed.

When you open the iPhone Explorer you will receive a default screen that will be without the “Root Directory” entry.

iphone explorer root directory

Now go to the Apps tab and click on it. This will open the directory tree under which you will find the data folder of all third party applications.

Scroll down the list of the applications to find the one you want to prepare a backup of.

transfering files

Click on the application and drag and drop the entire content of the folder from iPhone Explorer on to your system.

iphone explorer

After successful completion of the transfer of the content, you will have a reliable backup of the required apps on your PC. It is recommended that the entire directory be transferred to your local machine as a backup.