How To Backup And Restore Your Android Phone With Titanium Backup

As we are all aware, mobile phones play a very vital role in our lives. It is a very handy device and it gives its users the freedom to do everything. Earlier when mobile phones were launched, they barely had any features besides calling.

How To Backup And Restore Your Android Phone With Titanium Backup

One could only make and receive calls and SMS’s. But today it is completely upside down. A mobile phone is no longer just a device. It can do things that a normal human being does. From sending emails to seeing people live, it is the most efficient device ever. So people who use the Android based mobile phones must be having tones of applications stored.

For them their applications must be the most cherished thing in the phone. But what will they do if the phone gets spoilt? Well, they can simply read all the steps mentioned below in order to make a backup and restore everything with the help of titanium backup facility.

How To Backup And Restore Your Android Phone With Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup

Fist of all one has to know what exactly the titanium backup is.  It is basically an application that will allow the user to save all that is stored in the phone. For mobile phone users, especially Android ones, it acts like the best storing feature ever.

It has the capability to quickly store what you have and never lose it. From thousands of applications to all your contacts, almost everything can be kept safely with the titanium backup application.

Rooted or a Cognition Phone

The user will have to determine whether his or her phone is either rooted or under cognition process. Usually recently purchased Android phones are rooted. But if yours is not rooted, then do not worry at all.

Rooting basically allows the phone to act as a root to any application and much more. Simply download the rooting facility from anywhere on the internet or else try out the scanning QR code method. It will be installed in seconds.

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Installing Titanium Backup

After you are done with rooting simply install the titanium back and make sure you keep an empty version of the same in some other folder for future use.

Restore Android Phone with Titanium Backup

Simply load it onto the phone and move onto the next step. There are two versions in the same backup system. One of them is the free version and other one require you to pay. Usually unpaid version is more than enough to store everything.

How to Backup and Restore Android Phone

List of Options

This backup system will open a few options that one can choose from.

 Restore Android Phone with Titanium Backup

Starting from storing pictures to songs, you can select on any of them. But if you are planning to start afresh then store everything present on the mobile.

Backup Restore

As soon as you are done with restoring everything, then go in for restoring all the information on the new phone. It is again an effortless method and one can easily do it in seconds.

Backup and Restore Android Phone

Therefore, these easy steps will help anyone to make a backup of their phone on the titanium backup system. So do not worry about losing the information while you perform this activity.