How to Batch Edit Photos with Phatch

Phatch is the perfect tool for editing a whole lot of photos that need to be edited using the same effects or that have to be all cropped. You can crop, edit, add watermarks or get rid of the shadows in all the photos at one time using Phatch.

The beauty of using Phatch is that it can be set up on any operating system since it has been written in Python. This makes it the ideal photo batch editor.

batch edit photos in phatch

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How to Install Phatch?

Phatch comes along with package manager for Linux. However, it can also be downloaded from the web. Download the Phatch files from the official website of Phatch. You can also download the installation file from launchpad using the source code. The method of downloading Phatch will differ in Windows and OS X. You will have to manually install the entire list of dependencies and also initiate script.

Once the download is complete, follow the instructions of the set up wizard to begin installation.

How to Edit Pictures Using Phatch?

Phatch resembles a friends list window more that a photo editor file. To begin editing, click the plus sign given in the toolbar. This will help include more actions.

Your first action and instinct should be to save the work as you successfully edit it. Keep the save button nearer to your area of action instead of way below on the action list. This way you will be sure to use it.

After adding the save button, you can start adding other actions to your list. Some of these options are name of the file, its type as well as location. While there are some standard actions for all files, there will be a few files that will have additional options available.

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Once you have the save action on the list, you must add more actions since different photos will require different types of editing. Hence, you will need to add watermark, drop shadow etc. to the list.

You can change the positioning of the actions on your list using the up and down arrows. However, like suggested earlier, keep the save button near hand.

Using Phatch also gives you the added benefit of including other photo editor programs like Imagemagick as well as Blender. But you will have to install these programs before you can begin using them.

What is Phatch Image Inspector?

The Phatch editor also includes an image inspector that gives you the EXIF and IPTC details of the image. The image inspector is easy to launch; a simple click on the magnifying glass located in the Phatch window will install the image inspector.

Phatch Image Inspector

To view the image details drag and drop the photo to the image inspector window and you will find the complete information related to tag.


The beauty of using Phatch is that even if you don’t have photos for editing, the photo editor will help convert various file formats.

Phatch is an excellent photo editing device that can help minimize your editing work. Instead of painstakingly editing every photo for the same reason, you can use Phatch to repeat common edits. The tool is free and works across various platforms.