How To Batch Process Images In Photoshop

Photoshop was created by Adobe as a graphics editing tool by Adobe Systems Incorporated. Thomas Knoll, a PhD student from the University of Michigan, in the year of 1987, started writing a program to showcase grayscale pictures on an indistinct and dull display. This was seen by John Knoll, his brother, who suggested him to convert the whole program into an image editing program.

In 1988, Thomas Knoll along with his brother created the program and called it ImagePro which was later changed to Photoshop by the former. Later on, a demonstration was provided to the engineers who worked for Apple and also to the art director of Adobe. This initiated the process of purchasing the software license in Adobe. On the other hand, Photoshop 1.0 was released along with Macintosh exclusively in 1990.

How To Batch Process Images In Photoshop?

Before going on to the batch processing of an image in Photoshop, you know that processing photos to market them on the Internet, rotating, cropping, renaming, compressing can become pretty tiresome and a tedious job to do. This whole work becomes much more interesting when we use Photoshop.

There is the Actions palette in Photoshop; there exists a unique feature where you can record every little pinch of preparation you need to take to make your photos the best. You can then replay them to complete the same for images even if they are more than one. This whole process is known as batch operation.

It saves a great amount of time because zipping through each of the same things or tough and tedious tasks are now all within your reach with a single mouse click. Batch operation is just a process of pre-programming your set of plans and actions. This helps in automatic processing of images with the parameters you initiate with.

Before getting started with the Adobe Photoshop software, you must check that you do have a good collection of large digital pictures. This whole processing procedure can’t be followed if you do not have previous experience as it will be a bit difficult for the first timers. To begin with, select a large digital picture for the purpose and open it in Photoshop. Use this image to record the action you wish to start with.

Go to Window and click on Actions to fetch the Action palette. Then click on Create new action and write Resize for web and press Record. After you are done with all these things, go to Image and check with the Image size. Do the Pixel selection from the drop down menu next to the width.

Type 600 and click on OK. Now if you are done, Go to the Actions palette and click on the Stop button to bring an end to the recording. Finally a display message on your action palette will show you something like Image: actions.png.

How To Run The Batch Operation?

Go to the File, Automate and then to the Batch option so that the Batch dialog can be fetched. Then under the Play header you can easily check the ‘Resize for Web’ action that was recorded before. Then under the Source header click Choose. Move to the ‘Originals’ folder that was just created on your desktop.

Same procedure is to be followed in the case of Destination header and then move to the ‘Resized’ folder on your desktop.  To view all the pictures, check all the ‘Compatibility’ boxes and click on OK. What will happen now is that, each Photo will be opened in the ‘Originals’ folder and will be saved in the ’Resized’ folder.