How To Be A Creative Blogger!

Blogging, a concept that came into the web scenario about a couple of decades back, is now done by done most people today. Most celebrities blog on their respective websites while the common people use Twitter and Facebook as a medium to blog.  Blog came from the word ‘weblog’, which provides description about the websites that maintain a constant account of information.  

It has replaced the ‘diary-writing’, as people find it more comfortable to write it over the net, and let others know about their thoughts. It generally focuses on a single subject or about different subjects.  All the entries are shown in reverse-chronological pattern. Blogs can used to update something or it can just be a word too. Interactive blogging too has evolved in a new way. People can leave their comments and even message the concerned person via different widgets. Blogs are mainly textual, still photo blogging, video blogging and audio blogging have become immensely popular.

There Are Different Types Of Blogs. They Are:

Personal or ‘About self’ Blogs:

An ongoing or daily diary or commentary made by a person is the most common blog. Personal blogging refers to taking pride and boasting about the self achieved things etc. It is just a way to communicate and hence, shows the way to portray one’s own life or works. People usually write their blogs in such a way using creativity to gain mass acceptance.

Genre Blogging:

Depending upon the genre of the subject, people tend to post something that is quite a hot topic circulating around. Political blogs, sport blogs, travel blogs, fashion blogs, movie blogs, music blogs etc are the main types of genre blogging.

Device Blogging:

A blog by a mobile device is called moblog. This type of blogging is usually done with several gadgets and thus got the tag ‘device blogging’.

Corporate Blogs:

Private Blogs can be used for the business purpose,. This helps in building more well suited communication between different departments. Several aspects of a company can be handled well using this, as it helps in the public relations, marketing and branding of the launched product.

When it comes to blogging in such a way that people over the net show interest on your thoughts and expressions, you need to be creative. This is where creative blogging comes into the scenario. If anyone wants to reach a particular audience, be it for any purpose, business or personal, creativity is the sole thing.  Unleashing your creativity will make you more open to popularity. While blogging always think of something different from others that could be something which is offbeat.

Try to search for humor, irony, quotes etc to make it interesting. Create your own ideas and share them on your blogging site. See how many people show interest in your post and comment on them. The more you become creative, the more the chances of reaching out to a wider audience. The concept of ‘fake-blogging’ is gaining popularity day by day, since whosoever writes the blog, he is using his wit and intelligence to make it more and more interesting. He is putting every matter into his blog which can interest generate interest among his followers and friends.

There are a few things which you need to take care of while blogging using your creativity.

Try To Blog From Different Sites:

Moving around from one place to another refreshes your mind. This generates more ideas and makes our brain a recipient to more new ideas. It has also been seen that people sometimes blog about something which is not at all a relevant topic for him to write about. If suppose you are in your office, and you are blogging every now and then whenever you find a break, try to stop yourself till you change your position. Go home and then blog, this enhances creativity.

Make Blogging A Daily Part of Your Schedule:

Daily blogging helps you to keep in touch with the art of blogging. Get habituated to blogging; of course do not be addicted as it can kill your working time. Integrating blogging with your life would help you to think about new ideas.

Create a Messy Environment Around You:

The more unclean it is, the more the chances increase of adding odd thoughts to your blog. A messy environment creates coincidences and sudden strikes in the brain that helps to generate new ideas instantly.

Seek Suggestion From Different Experienced Bloggers:

You can ask various bloggers on how to be creative. You need to follow a specific pattern to catch your audience. For example, if you are blogging about the recent political problems then you need to write the whole thing constructively, so that it generates interest in your audience’s mind. You can also write it in different news websites. They can provide you with their feedback. Consultation helps to improve with your writing skills. Ask them freely, and get the smallest of the tips. This shall be beneficial to you.

If Nothing Is Coming Onto The Mind, Take a Break:

Sometimes it does happen that you need a complete break to resolve the issues you have, and start it afresh. Allow your brain to reboot. This will help in creation of new ideas the very next time you start blogging.

Reading Is An Essential Part To Write Constructive Blogs:

Try to spend time outside your blog by reading more and more stuffs. Get into your field, read those things which create interest in your mind. Capture the opinions, the thoughts of great bloggers. If you have interest in literature, go and study various books by the great authors worldwide. All this will add to your creativity and will convert you into a great blogger.

The above mentioned ideas vary from individual to individual, but the basic principle always remains same. People cannot inject creativity into you, you yourself have to enhance your power to write, to     self-compose. This article can just act as a recipe for you to reorganize your blogging skills and habits.