How To Blacklist Callers And Block Messages In iOS

If you wish to block calls and messages from particular people and companies, then there aren’t a lot of options available to you on your iPhone. One of the ways of avoiding such calls and messages is by using iBlacklist that is a jailbreak app. .

Options to Blacklist Callers and Block Messages in iOS

Monthly Service And Trapcall

Many iPhone users prefer to look at the alternative means of blocking calls because tele-companies tend to charge exorbitant amount of money for sub-standard services. For example, the AT&T charges its subscribers $5/month for a package with very low service standards.

Blacklist Callers and Block Messages in iOS

However, Trapcall is a good option that can be looked into by users who haven’t jailbroken their iPhone. Trapcall has smartphone apps that can help manage blocked callers in iOS as well as in Android. The company charges $4.95 per month for the service. They also offer more expensive plans with voicemail system along with transcriptions. Trapcall is a better option over the packages offered by tele-companies.

Google Voice

Another alternative for blacklisting unwanted callers and messages is by letting Google Voice manage the incoming calls. However, this option doesn’t work very well in the iPhone.

Blacklist Callers and Block Messages in iOS


iBlacklist works well only on iPhones that have been jailbroken. The option of iBlacklist is offered by Cydia and comes at a cost of $12. The users are given a free trial period and plenty of features along with it.

Blacklist Callers and Block Messages in iOS

The users have the option of blocking calls and text messages from various sources like particular numbers, number types and also FaceTime requests. There are features available that provide you auto-reply for SMS. You can also enable features to prevent outgoing calls. If your kids have access to your iPhone, then there are features that will curb the kids from making calls or sending text messages during specific periods in a day.

Installing and using iBlacklist is very easy. Once the installation is complete you will have to restart the iPhone and go to iBlacklist. The iBlacklist is packed with loads of options. Your first step should be to go to Blacklists.

Blacklist Callers and Block Messages in iOS

Within Blacklists you can make, edit and even remove people and their numbers. Prepare different lists and fit each person in the list accordingly. In the General blacklist option, you will have to tap on the plus sign to include the number.

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All the numbers in your phone can be accessed regardless of their location. The feature also lets you enter numbers manually. Scroll down the list after you have entered the numbers.

There are buttons given for turning on/off different options. You will also find there Auto Reply setting for SMS. Prepare an auto-reply SMS by typing in a message. You can also create separate auto-reply messages for calls, SMS and MMS.

How To Schedule Blacklists And Extra Options?

Go to the main menu and select Scheduler. This tab gives you the option of enabling specific lists for particular times, including days and dates of the week.

Blacklist Callers and Block Messages in iOS

In the main menu you can select Whitelists to block calls excluding from the ones that are not there on your blacklist.