How To Block All Facebook Widgets & Buttons Throughout The Web

Whenever you open the internet and visit any website, what you just cannot avoid seeing is a button or widget of Facebook and you might be mad after blocking them. Sometimes, these third party widgets can be irritating. Here are few tips to block them all.

block facebook widget

Reasons to Block Facebook Widget

In fact, there can be more than one reason for your desire to block Facebook widget.  First and most important reason is a user’s wish to safeguard his privacy and unwillingness to allow Facebook to personalize your browsing or providing your details to third party sites. There are many tools available to block unwanted Facebook widgets.  Even if you are going to use the tools still bother to edit privacy settings.

Second, you might not be a Facebook user or you are frustrated to see the Facebook widgets and buttons all around the web and you might be interested in de-cluttering your web experience.  Like Adbanners social media widgets have proved themselves to be a major nuisance to surfers: For e.g. performance might be slowed down and waiting time is increased.

Now let us discuss about some ways to block Facebook if you want to do so.


An experimental Firefox addon is now available known as Facebook Blocker and it prevents social plugins of Facebook (and that includes those in “iFrames) from running on websites other than Facebook.

facebook blocker for firefox

This list includes widgets, “recommended” lists, like buttons, etc.  Sites that do use Facebook Connect for sign in purpose will function as usual.

Google Chrome

1) Facebook Disconnect

 This is a Google Chrome extension that” prevents the flow of data about you” to third parties.  This extension would not prevent you from utilizing Facebook from its interface.

facebook disconnect google chrome extension

This extension injects JavaScript into pages to disable Facebook links component.   They remove only integrated components (buttons and widgets that send your data to Facebook).  HTMl links are not disturbed.

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2) Widget Block

If you consider every widget from every other social media like, Twitter, LinkedIn, Disqus, Google Buzz, etc than the best option is to use “Widget block”.  This removes widgets from all social media from pages you are browsing.  The net result is your browsing experience becomes more positive.   Use of “Widget Block” speeds up the web and the loading speed of web pages increases.

widget block options

Widget block disenables the widgets by preventing them requested from the server.  Only thing is that have to learn to play with this tool.

Prevailing Opinions

Various types of opinions are now prevailing regarding the use Social widgets and buttons from Facebook.  Opinions are conflicting in nature.  Some people say that integration with Facebook will become as ubiquitous as JavaScript and that those who prefer to block social widgets and buttons from Facebook will feel sorrowful in the long run, but some people say they even do without JavaScript.

For serious works like banking and email, these are no problem. Moreover, some people say that they still do without Google!  Finally, it is the user’s choice whether he or she wishes to use Social widgets or not.