How To Block and Prevent Malicious Software with SpywareBlaster

ActiveX is Microsoft program which is used to install hijacker, dialer and many spyware in internet explorer. When you visit any website this activeX is downloaded and start running on your computer. This ActiveX can be also used to install malicious spyware and other things without your permission.

SpywareBlaster is the software which is used to prevent such unwanted programs, malicious spyware and viruses to enter in your computer. To secure Mozilla Firefox and internet explorer, Javacool created this software which is very famous today. SpywareBlaster is the tool which does not allow this activeX program to run in these two browsers Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. This software also provides such facility to prevent some cookies to download in your computer.


How To Secure Your Web browser With SpywareBlaster

SpywareBlaster is very easy to install and run in your computer without disturbing any other application function. Just download this software and install it in your computer and run this program to be familiar with this.

Now, let us take a close look at this program for a better idea:

1. First window which will appear in your computer after running it contains many options and there will be heading such like this: A toolbox for help, powerful, proven protection, easy, fast updating, restore your satin. It depends upon you which option you choose then according to this next window will appear. Suppose we select update section then next window will contain two options to update manual and automatic. Now, you have two options choose whatever you want.

spyware blaster updating options 2. If you choose protection section you redirect to next window in which you can enable and disable your protection for your other programs such as internet explorer and Mozilla Firefox. You are advised to enable all protections.

Before enabling protections you should update the software so that new protection status applied in your computer.

spyware blaste updates

3. Now go to other options available in this software such as “restrict site”, “internet explorer”, “Mozilla Firefox”. There you will get other options whether you want to prevent cookies and ActiveX, now it all depend upon you but, you should enable all the protection level. Because, if you do not do that then no need to install this software in your computer.

4. Another facility is available is available in this program, it can take snapshot of your computer and store it in the form of image, for this you will have to set time for snapshot and this tool will automatically take snapshot in regular interval of set time.

Now, no need to worry about spyware and other ActiveX problems, because this tool is total solution for this type of problems. A lot of options are available in your SpywareBlaster that will keep spyware and hijacker away from your computer and provide you secure and reliable web surfing.

This tool is wonderful application to prevent hacking and keep web users privacy secure and safe. This tool blocks spyware and malware before becoming active. Now, this time to use this software and secure your web surfing.