How To Block “Roboform” in Windows Internet Explorer

“Robo Form” is an automatic working or auto fill up type work for standard database forms in Internet explorer. A Roboform software is also available online “Free of Cost” for your auto form filling purpose. Roboform is specially useful if your are filling forms for education, surveys or even for applying for jobs.

It saves passwords and other neccessary data and auto fills the form as and when you wish. Not only it has its use in internet explorer but almost every browser has this function.

block roboform in internet explorer

Remember when you open your Gmail account from your PC, do you have to type your username in full? No. Generally as soon as you press the first character, your machine automatically gives you your username in a list. Not only that, when you have to fill up registration forms very frequently “roboform” is an effective and useful tool.

It is helpful when we have to use long & complicated usernames, or we have three to four accounts with different usernames. It helps us to fill the right information for the respective and requisite webpage saving a lot on our time and energy. But if you use computers at a local cyber station, college or IT Labs or your computer is used by others then this could do more harm than any good to you. Your privacy & account security is at stake.

If you wish to discontinue with the “roboform” feature, then there is a process by which you can disable the mechanism. What else you got to keep in mind is that this process is browser specific, so if you have more than one browser, then you need to repeat the process for all the browsers you use. The process is as follows.

Steps To Block “Roboform” in Windows Internet Explorer

First make a double click on the internet explorer icon & open the browser. After opening the browser window, select the “Tools” option in the menu bar. After clicking on “Tools”, a menu will appear where you shall be able to find the “Internet option”.

There is a shortcut to the above stated method too. Go to “Start” then select “Run”. After the small run window opens, type in “Inetcpl.cpl” into the space. Click on the “OK” button & the “Internet options” dialogue bar will open directly!!

internet options

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A dialogue box will open under internet explorer window. Now select the tab “Program.” Here in new tab find the “manage add-ons” option. You can find it easily, by noticing the picture of a gear-wheel below the page. Click on the manage add-ons tab.

internet options manage addons

Now wait for a new dialogue box to open. In the new dialogue box, look at the upper left side. There you can see another tab with a picture of gear-wheel. It is named “Toolbars and Extensions.” Two step below that you can see a bar named “Show” & this is a drop down bar.

toolbars and extensions

In this drop down you will notice several options like “all ad-ons, currently loaded add-ons” etc. As soon as you select any of it, on the right side the option changes in every selection. Now find “Siber Systems” & then find

Roboform.” Now make a click on “Roboform” and then double click on the “Disable” button. If you want you can uninstall this program too.