How To Build A Computer Workshop


Computer business is of two types. One is of selling the branded machine after getting hand shake with various companies and another is sale and service of computers. Sale and service business need less investment, but it needs man power with personal efforts. These kinds of business don’t need a huge place or infrastructure to start with. You can start it at your home also. You only need to have some minimum computer equipments and some place and a table to work on. Photo Credit :

Working Area Is Must

A computer workshop must have minimum one ready computer to test the problems. This can be old, but should be ready to perform various tasks. In a computer workshop there comes various type of problems so a big table is required to work on. This table should not be crowded with computer equipments or various parts. It should be only for opening a computer which is at fault. This kind of business runs over the customer satisfaction.

So, you must look after this very carefully. Coming to the point again, this table must have much place for a monitor with an open central processing unit and other related tools like keyboard, mouse and sound systems.

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Working Tools Should Be There

In a computer workshop you must have various small tools and computer parts. A computer repair kit is also needed. Set of screw drivers is one of the most important tools here. Small screw drivers are mostly used. So keep these screw drivers in a special box. Another box is needed for various types of screws. It is better to keep one type of screw in one box, but to start with you can use a big box for all kind of screws. A volt meter, soldering kit and an ESD wrist strap is also needed for this kind of job. Sometimes glue or glue tape is also need.

Keep some computer parts also to make a continuous flow of your supply. There must be some Cabinets or computer cases with uninterruptible power supply, RAM, optical drives, Hard disks of various sizes and one or two motherboards for support. You can also take some keyboards and mouse for both sale and service purpose as these products are low in cost and give you some regular clients. Don’t forget to have one or two strips of batteries. These are the very common things to be used at computer workshop.

Start Working

The above tools and equipments are not enough you need to add some more things in the computer work shop. So without delay place some lights and fans in the room. The switch boards you have to use near table must have more than six plug points to start working. Hang some shelves on walls to place cabinets (computer cases) or other computer peripherals. A cabinet can be placed where you can place all the tools and small equipments which you will need at the time of work. It will make your task easy.