How To Build Multi-Purpose Landing Pages For Small Budget Advertising

For people who do not know what a landing page is, here is a simple idea: Landing page is a one page website that can be used as a web advertisement, an extension or a page with multiple links to different product websites. The main purpose of a landing page has always been web advertising.

For years now only big budgeted companies used the landing page service because it has always been costly to build one. The programs that create a good landing page are costly and people with the right knowledge charge a high rate most of the times. If you have enough money to hire the best team for developing a great, attractive landing page and maintain it properly then your business can really be helpful with it as these landing pages attracts a lot of people. You can then make sure that your web marketing is running in right way.

Why It Cost That Much?

The purpose of a landing page is to improve your web marketing. Now if you have basic web marketing idea then you may know that a web page, developed for web advertising, requires to be search engine optimized or to be linked with proper ways that people hit in to them. They also have to be attractive as you want people to like it at the first glance and stay on the page. It should be organized in a strategic way that make people understand what to do and where to go. Now for all that you need a professional SEO team, few great web page designer, experienced developers and advertising strategy experts. All that together will really cost a huge fortune.

Other important factor is that it is no more just a page that takes people to your business website. With the development of technology and advertising methods, we now have multiple buttons on a landing page that will take the user to a specific web page of your site. That adds up to the cost and makes it a high profile strategy.

No Budget No Landing Page?

So does that mean if you have a tight budget then you don’t have a chance to build a landing page? Most of the small businesses don’t have enough money or enough organized man power to produce a landing page for their business advertising strategies. The matter of fact is these small businesses need to advertise more to improve. Let me assure you, even with a small budget, you can have a great multipurpose landing page which will surely do as good as big budget landing pages.

You don’t have to abandon your landing page business strategies because of small budget. You just have to think wisely and make things flexible. When I say flexible I mean adaptability and multipurpose use. You can have a landing page that can serve you many ways.

Think about a landing page that can do many of your online business advertising like e-mail marketing, social marketing, paid advertising and many more. Another point to consider is the flexibility of keywords. There are many keywords which are similar, so when you use them you can use multiple links to a single page. This way it will look smart and it will save a lot of money. Let us look at some ideas that can fulfill your small budget landing page advertising needs.

Designing The Landing Page

Design, as you know it, depends on your creativity so it can not always be instructed. When you design a landing page for business advertising then you need methodical design that includes designing and strategy. There are many ways to design your landing page. Many people prefer just to use a big image or their logo for a landing page which can automatically take the viewer to a website. Some people prefer to have text in a landing page with images. They think a small description or at least a tagline may help them better with the business strategy. The best thing to do will be to just start with a page and see where you are going.

At first you must design few designs according to your required elements and see what looks smarter and can work better with people. To convince people with your design, you must convince yourself fast. Designing multiple landing pages can take a lot of valuable time and it may prove costly. offers you a great set of tools that you can use to create multiple mockups of your landing page and see which one is coming out best for you. You can also alter ideas between different designs and see what is coming out of it. Finalize a design only when you are convinced with it.


When you are advertising online for your business you must be using many other online business advertisement strategies. Make a list of your strategies and every keyword you have to use to promote your website. Now when you have a complete collection of your keywords, you can group them according to the similarities. If you use similar keywords as a group then you can set easy landing pages with less number of keyword links.


Once you have the groups for your keywords, it is time to put up your contents. A set of keywords can have many relevant contents relevant to your product. Add your contents for each keyword set strategically. Make sure your content catches the eye of a user. Use bright and different colors for them.

Action Buttons

Your landing page must have buttons or links that will lead the user to the relevant web page of yours. First you must know what kind of buttons people tend to click. Take a deep look at your other online advertising campaigns. See what kind of headlines people tend to click more. Use them as buttons.


Your landing page should be connected properly to the relevant pages so that people can hit in to your landing pages often and they can be sent to the right place from your landing page.

Your page should be connected to social sites, e-mail advertisings and organic searches.