How To Capture From VCR To A Computer

We all use a Compact Disk or DVD these days to store video footages. Not much back, just a decade ago, we were still using VHS devices like video tape cassettes. Most of us will have a collection of few of these at our home. But the problems with these are they are almost like antiques; with memories but not much usage.

If we wish to review our flash back stories by viewing the cassettes, then it becomes difficult finding VCP or VCRs.  Our only option is to store or transfer these video into a CD or DVD.  You need not necessarily need a professional to do that for you, following simple steps to operate this system you can convert your file from cassettes to DVDs.

Required Devices:

The old VHS is an analog device & the CD/DVD is digital device.  So signaling method is different.  To do this, you need a computer with a graphics capture card or USB base capturer & converter, a VCP / VCR.  Software needed to manage the video is well enough to give some effects after capturing from VCR.  You need a DVD writer to make DVD. 

Some Steps Before Main Procedure:

Remember because the VHS system is outdated & your cassettes are old, so if the original prints of cassettes are damaged, then you can’t expect a good quality in final video.  Now at first clean the head or your VCP/VCR properly & run the video in fast forward mode & fast reverse mode for three to four times.  It actually cleans your tape & also softens the tape of the cassette.

You know that the tape is analog & CD is digital, so after conversion into CD/DVD the file size will be bigger.  Make sure that your computer has enough space to store that video.  If you wish to convert many files, then arrange a separate external or internal hard drive.


First install a video editing & converter software into your computer.  It could be imovie (For MAC PC) Pinnacle Spin, Virtual Dub, you can use either of it.  Now take the converter & plug its jack into the output of VCP/VCR.  Plug the white jack into left audio, plug the red jack into right audio output & the yellow jack into video output.  Now plug the three jacks into computer input card.  Procedure is the same as attaching with VCP/VCR.

You already install the driver & video capturing software into your computer, so go to start > program > select your software & now start the software by clicking it.  After starting of the software a new window will appear.  Now it is the time to make few changes.

Now if you want to store the video into CD, then select the MPEG1 or MPEG format.  If you want to make a DVD, then select MPEG2 or MPEG layer 2 format.  You can make MP4 or QuickTime (MAC user) video also.  You can change this from Settings.  Depending on software you use, you need to select the video storage area into your PC, it could be before your conversion or after your conversion, but before you save the file.

The last step would be to insert your cassette into VCP & play it. Now it’s the time to work on PC.  Go to the new window & there you can see a red button it may be square or round shape.  Just click into it & your computer will start to record the video from your VCP/VCR.