How To Change Default Formatting In Word 2007

Have you just shifted to Microsoft Word 2007? If yes, then after the not so user-friendly Ribbon, you will realize that the default font is not the one with which you worked in the previous version. Instead, Microsoft Word 2007 features Calibri as the default font and 11 as the default font size.

Do you still feel that working with Times New Roman or Arial as the default font and 12 as the default font size is better? Do not worry; it is very much possible to bring them in their default form in Word 2007.

Apart from your personal preference, you also might need to change default formatting in Word 2007 due to client requirements. Nevertheless, irrespective of the reason, you can modify default formatting in Word 2007 so that you need not set the formatting every time you create a document. Let us explore it in detail.

Problem: Want Times New Roman 12 And Line Spacing of 1.5 Lines

Let us consider a scenario where you need to create some technical documents for a new project. For this specific project, the client has specified to use Times New Roman 12 and line spacing of 1.5 lines. Now, if you are a beginner, you will probably think of setting the font and line spacing every time to create a new document. However, this is not a feasible way when it comes to creating 50 to 100 documents. You seriously cannot keep on doing the same thing again and again for each document. So, are you looking for a better way?

Solution: Set the Desired Font, Font Size, and Line Spacing As Default Formatting in Word 2007

Thankfully, Microsoft Word 2007 allows you to set your own style of formatting. However, if you want the desired style to become the default one, you need to set it as default formatting. Changing default formatting in Word 2007 means you can modify the font, font size, paragraph positioning, and line spacing for the current Normal template of your document.

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Implement the Solution: The Home Tab Offers The Styles Group Button For Changing The Default Formatting

The Styles group button at the bottom-right of the corresponding group offers the Styles window wherein the Manage Styles button, the third one in the bottom row, facilitates changing default formatting in Word 2007. Here are the steps of changing default formatting in Word 2007 to Times New Roman 12 and line spacing of 1.5 lines.

1. Create a new document in Word 2007.
2. Click the Styles group button present at the extreme right of the Styles group under the Home tab. The Styles window is displayed.

3. Click the Manage Styles button, the last one in the bottom row. The Manage Styles dialog box is displayed.
4. Click the Set Defaults tab.

5. Under the Font section, scroll to and select Times New Roman.
6. Under the Size section, select 12.
7. Under the Paragraph Spacing section, select 1.5 lines from the Line spacing combo box.
8. Select the New documents based on this template option.
9. Click OK.

Tip: If you want to restore the default formatting in Word 2007, repeat the above steps to select Calibri as font, 11 as font size, and Single as line spacing.