How To Change the Default Browser in iOS

Safari is a clean and simple browser with a nice user interface and is made specially for iOS. But there are many other browsers, like Opera Mini, Mobicip, PERFECT Browser, Atomic, and SkyFire to name a few, which work well with iOS.

Users prefer the freedom to choose the browser they want to use but Apple has not yet introduced a setting to change the default browser. However, there is no need to despair. There is great little app which can be used to change iOS’s default browser setting for ‘jailbroken’ devices.

change default browser in ios

In case you are wondering what ‘jailbreak’ means, it is the name given to a process which modifies the iOS to allow greater user control and eliminates the limitations imposed by Apple.

There are tons of fun, useful and cool apps available in third-part app stores which are not authorized by Apple. Once jailbroken, you can install these apps on your system from sources other than the official App Store.

The app that we are interested in, in order to change the default browser on our iOS, is the Browser Changer app from Cydia. You can install this app from the BigBoss’ repository in Cydia.

browser changer

It allows you to override the default Safari browser and choose a new default like Opera. So, the next time when you open a link on your email, twitter, or facebook, it will open in your favorite browser rather than Safari.

The obvious first step to change the default browser in iOS is to download and install the Browser Changer utility from Cydia.

browser changer app

Next, open up the ‘Settings’ and scroll down to find the Browser Changer added to your list. Click on it to open the Browser Changer Settings.

browser changer settings

Click on the Enable Changer option to turn it on. Below it is the Selected Browser tab which gives you a list of all the browsers that you can use as an alternate to Safari. Select the one that you prefer.

enable changer

Further down, there is also an ‘Apply to’ setting with Google Maps and Youtube options. You can click and turn these options ON to make your chosen browser as the default to open up Google Maps or Youtube videos.

If you’re a fan of Atomic Web Browser or Skyfire Web Browser, and hate having to copy and paste links from emails or apps into your favorite browser and open them there, this tweak is definitely something you should check out.

browser changer app

Points to Ponder

Once you jailbreak your device, you have voided your warranty. The applications that jailbreak your device can introduce malicious code and damage or disable it. Since you are now on your own, you cannot rely on Apple or the supported carriers to fix the problem for you.

The Browser Changer utility has yet to streamline its operation with OperaMini web browser. Automatic page loading at startup is not supported with OperaMini and you have to tap the URL bar to load the linked URL. However, it works well with other browsers like Atomic, iCab Mobile, Oceanus, and Skyfire.