How To Change The Default Color Scheme In Office 2007

The default color scheme of MS Office 2007 is light blue that certainly matches with the default color scheme of Windows Vista. However, if you do not like the same boring blue, Microsoft has set you free to alter the default color scheme of MS Office 2007. So, are you keen to know how? Well, if you are a real geek, you will surely love to know as to how to modify the default color scheme. So, let’s start by recognizing the need to change the default color scheme, as always boredom will not make you do so.

Problem: Need To Match The Color Scheme of Office 2007 With That Of The Desktop Theme

Let us consider a scenario where you are a real geek who likes to try out the new ways of doing a particular task. Cherishing your this habit, you are trying the different ways to customize the desktop of Windows Vista.

While trying this out, you end up changing the background of your desktop along with the color of the taskbar that is always present at the bottom. With these changes, you have started to love the appearance of your desktop even more. Due to this, you now wish that your frequently used applications such as those offered by the MS Office 2007 suite must match with this change.

Solution: Change The Color Scheme Of Office 2007 Applications

Considering the above scenario, you can fulfill your wish by just modifying the default color scheme of MS Office 2007 so that the applications can match your desktop as well as the taskbar in terms of color. By default, Microsoft Office 2007 features the blue color scheme that engulfs the entire ribbon area along with the sides around your PowerPoint slide, Excel spreadsheet, and Word document.

Although this color has a great appeal, there are some more colors that you can apply to these areas. For example, you can choose light hinge of silver or black to match with the taskbar of Windows Vista or with the Ultimate Theme. Nevertheless, for the Windows Vista themes, black is the most suitable option.

Implement The Solution: Use The MS Office Button To Change The Default Setting

Changing the color in just one of the Office 2007 applications would actually affect all the other applications as well. By this, I mean the color change will reflect in Word, PowerPoint, Access, and Excel as well. MS Office 2007 offers you only three colors for specifying a color scheme, which are Silver, Black, and Blue. You can choose any one of them to ensure the most matching as well as dashing look. Here are the steps to set another color scheme in Office 2007 by changing the default setting in MS Word.

1. Open MS Word.

2. Click the MS Office button that is situated at the top left corner. A menu is displayed.

3. Click the Word Options button. The Word Options dialog box is displayed.

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4. On the right side, look for the Color scheme drop-down list.

5. Select the most appropriate color from the Color scheme drop-down list.

6. Click OK. You will notice that the selected color replaces the blue color in MS Word. Now, open PowerPoint and Excel to check the change.