How To Change The Default Font In Excel 2007

Are you new to MS Excel 2007? Well, in this case, you will notice some changes such as the Blue Ribbon and new default font with which you had never worked before. Not the Ribbon, but the change in the default font from Arial 10 to Calibri 11 can upset you a bit.

“Oh! Where has Arial 10 gone?” can be your instant reaction as well. This can be perhaps due to the fact that you still might want to stick to the old default settings related to the font. However, you need not worry; as you can get your beloved Arial back as the default font even in MS Excel 2007.

MS Excel 2007 gives you the liberty to alter the default font as per your requirements so that you need not have to change it for each new workbook that you create. Moreover, there are times when you have to stick to Calibri 11 or Times New Roman 12 due to client requirements. No matter which font you want, you can easily set any font as the default one and change it back to Calibri anytime.

Problem: Want Arial As The Default Font In MS Excel 2007

Let us assume a situation wherein you are creating an Excel template for entering the errors found in the beta phase of the project deliverables. Further, you also have to create a sheet to track efforts in terms of time invested during the production and rework stages.

According to the client requirements, you have to send these sheets every week so that the client can have a look on the errors and efforts as well. Moreover, the client has strictly mentioned to use the Arial font. However, you know that MS Excel 2007 uses Calibri as the default font. You might be thinking of changing the font every time you create a new workbook, but it is silly to do so. So, is there a better solution?

Solution: Set the Desired Font As The Default Font In Excel 2007

In case of the above scenario, there is a better solution instead of manually changing the font every time you work on a new sheet. You need to simply set Arial as the default font in Excel 2007. Doing so will inform Excel to set the new font for all your sheets.

Implement the Solution: Use the Excel Options Dialog Box

When it is the matter of changing the default settings in any of the MS Office applications, there is no doubt that the Office button at the extreme top left corner is to be clicked. Well, here are the steps to specify the desired font as the default font in Excel 2007.

1. Open MS Excel.

2. Click the Office button. A menu is displayed.

3. Click the Excel Options button. The Excel Options dialog box is displayed with the Popular tab highlighted in the left pane.

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4. On the right side, under the When creating new workbooks section, select the required font from the Use this font drop-down list.

5. Click OK.

You will now observe that the selected font is applied by default whenever you have to work with a new worksheet or workbook.