How To Change The Default Font Size In Word

If you are new to MS Word 2007, it can be hard for you to accept the new default font and font size, Calibri 11. This can be mainly because of the fact that you still need to work with Times New Roman 12. If this is what you need even in MS word 2007, you will be happy to know that it is quite possible. It is just the matter of changing the default font and font size.

Nevertheless, it is not always your personal choice that makes you modify the default font size in Word 2007. Sometimes, even the client might prefer the Word documents with text having a different font size. In such cases, you might have to change the font size from 12 to 10 or even 14. Irrespective of the reason, MS Word 2007 allows you to modify the default font as well as font size so that you do not have to set it every time you create a new document.

Problem: Want 14 As The Default Font Size

Let us assume a scenario wherein you are supposed to create some project-related documents for a client with whom your company is working for the first time. For this project, you have been asked by the new client to use Calibri as the font and 14 as its size. However, the problem is that MS Office 2007, uses 12 as the default font size for its default font Calibri. In this case, it is certainly not wise to keep on changing the font size for each new document. Moreover, you will be creating some 10 to 15 documents related to the project. So, what is the solution?

Solution: Specify the Required Font Size As The Default Font Size In Word 2007

Keeping the above scenario in mind, the only solution to prevent you from the frustration of setting the font size again and again is to set 14 as the default font size in Word 2007. Doing so will tell Word to set the new font size for all your new documents. There are two ways of modifying the default font size, via the Font dialog box or via the Normal template.

Implement the Solution: Through The Font Dialog Box

Do you remember the standard Font dialog box? Well, this dialog box is present even in Word 2007 through which you can modify the default font size. Here are the steps to alter the default font size in Word 2007.

1. Open Word 2007.

2. Under the Home tab, click the Font group button at the extreme right of the Font group. The Font dialog box is displayed.

3. Under the Size section, select the desired size from the drop-down list.

4. Click the Default button. A confirmation box is displayed.

5. Click Yes.

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Implement the Solution: Through The Normal Template

By default, MS Word uses Normal.dotm template for applying the default formatting to a new document. Therefore, changing the default font-related settings of this template will give you the desired outcome. To do so, open the file by entering %appdata%\Microsoft\Templates in the Explorer and right clicking it at this location.

Now, change the font size as you normally would do in Word and close it.

Remember, any change made in this file will be reflected in all the new documents that you will create from now onwards.

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