How To Change the Logon Background in Mac OS

With so many features available in the gadgets today, who would like to see the old stuff over and over again? Be it the screensaver or wallpaper of your personal computer or mobile, change is permanent. You will no longer be bored if you put in the visual variation. You can do the same for your Mac as well.

So you can get rid of the same old logon screen, the next time you want to log on to your Mac. We are talking about customizing the wallpaper picture to something of your choice. The steps also are quick and easy to understand and carry out. The following steps will tell you how to change the background image manually.

Manually Change the Background Image

Open the Finder window and press Command-Shift-G. Enter the following text in the text box (without the quotes) – “/System/Library/CoreServices”. Then, click on “Go”.

Changing the Background Manually

The CoreServices folder should now open up for more options. All the essential system files sit in this folder. You will find the options for changing the login background image right here. You may find many more options in this folder as it has everything to do with the system.

Changing the Background Manually

Find the image titled “DefaultDesktop.jpg”. You can safely drag the same to the trash. There is no need to worry when carrying out this step. If you want, you can get the image back as well. Keeping the default image out of your way is the logic behind this move.

The new image you choose should also be labeled “DefaultDesktop.jpg”. Whatever be the name of the file you choose, it has to be named “DefaultDesktop.jpg”. The system accepts only JPEG image type as the background image. So take care to choose the correct one.

Changing the Image Type

It is very likely that you may want to choose a particular image as your background in the Mac, but the image is not in the specified JPEG format. But you need not worry.

You can change the type of the image in the system itself. When you have chosen your desired image, select it to set it as your favored background. At this stage, you will be prompted to see a preview. And this is where you can change the file type and save it as a JPEG image.

Once you get a replacement image ready, move this replacement image to the CoreServices folder. The last step involves you to authenticate the image. You can do so by entering a password. Once done, you should see the new background image. When you log in the next time, you will see the image as your latest login background.

Change the Background Image with an App

If you think the above-mentioned steps are too heavy or time-consuming for you or you do not want to go through those steps, there is a simple way out. You can change the background image with an app called Loginox.

Changing the Background with Loginox

When you open the app, you will see space for New Login Image. Just drag the replacement image and click “Set new Login Image”.