How To Check The Space Usage on an Ubuntu Server

Our world revolves around our PC’s, we have got so used to the habit, it is like having food or changing clothes, We don’t feel good if we don’t use it. Be it downloading songs, movies, files to our hard disk, playing games, networking or simply surfing.

Our hard drive has limited capacity & every time we use our PC’s, space in our hard disk gets blocked bit by bit.
When the server space fills up it could lead to serious problems into our systems, including lost data and email. Not only that actually it is more complicated than what we can think.

We know that all hard disks are divided into partitions, and usually we use partition “C” to store our files. We also tend to save movies, song, picture & other files in other partitions like “D”. But using different partitions for saving of data gives rise to several problems, to deal with this we need to manage our server settings.

We know the name of Ubuntu operating system & Ubuntu Server is the business application under the roof of “Ubuntu open source.” It is a Linux-based operating system. The Ubuntu system has a utility to check the space of your server.

The “Disk Utility” comes with your operating system. Not only that the disk utility shows all errors & usage in a graphical mode. Here you can really fix your hard disk errors.

This server utility actually gives you the freedom to choose both the graphical & text based utility.

Checking Process Into GUI System:

Here I am discussing about two process of Checking the Space Usage on an Ubuntu Server. First one is for new versions of OS.

If you have the facility of Ubuntu server, then you already have Ubuntu desktop. Now open your Ubuntu desktop.
Go to the “Administrator” options. Here you can see an option “Disk utility”. It is the area of your main work. Once you click on it the disk utility application launches.

After that a new page will come & you will see some options of choosing hard disk partition. This option will appear in the left portion of the window. This area called navigation pane or left drive navigation pane. Select the partition that you want. I will suggest that you choose partition one by one, this will give you the detailed report of your system.

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If your server version is old, then you should use this:

To open this, first go to “Applications.” You can find it in the top left corner of your Ubuntu desktop. Go to “Accessories.” After that go to “Disk Usage Analyzer”

Once you click “Disk Usage Analyzer,” a new window will come with the name of disk usage analyzer. Here you can see the details of your disk usage & you will be able to select other disks from here.

You Can Use Commands Of Linux:

It is very easy to use GUI base operating system & so it is very popular. But especially in Linux, if you can use command, then you can open anything directly, by giving commands.

Those commands are from Ubuntu 8.10.

The first command is “df”.

By typing this, you can see the various file systems on your computer & the percentage currently used. Here the number is in 1k blocks.

Second command you can type is “df-h.”

The available area of output report, then the report comes in Gigabytes & megabytes.

The third command is “du-hs”.

By typing this, you can see the output report of combined size document folders.