How To Check Your Spelling, Grammar, and Style in Firefox and Chrome

Poor grammar and spellings in e-mails, blog posts, blog comments, web forms, and other kinds of online writing can be a major turnoff for the readers. Every word entered online is archived in a library. If you are a blogger or an online writer, you would certainly not want spelling, grammar and syntax errors recorded in your name permanently.

Although most browsers have a basic spell check feature that checks for simple spelling mistakes, it does not proofread your writings for advanced grammar and syntax errors. Infact, a lot of spelling mistakes also escape this basic functionality. In order to avoid these errors, After the Deadline has designed a comprehensive proofreading system for Google chrome and Firefox.

check spelling grammar and style

It not only performs spell checks but also uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to perform advanced checks and corrections for double negatives, redundant phrases, verb confusions, misused words, style, and much more.

After the Deadline for Google Chrome

Go to to download the chrome extension of After the Deadline Spell and grammar Checker.

install after the deadline

Once installed, After the Deadline adds a check button (ABC) to editors you use around the web. Just click the button to activate the checker.

abc button

It scans your writings and highlights spelling mistakes in red, grammatical errors in green and syntax errors in blue.

Right click on the underlined phrase or word to see some of the suggestions that it has to offer and choose or ignore the suggestions as per your discretion.

suggestions for spellings and grammar

You can also click Explain to get more information about the error.

did you mean box

After the Deadline for chrome has many options. To reach them, click the toolbar icon for the proofer and select View Options.

after the deadline options

It allows you to select the proofreading options that you want, like checks against complex phrases, clichés, redundant phrases, double negatives, jargons, biased language, etc. It also allows you to change your proofreading language from English to French, German, Spanish, or Portugese. Additionally, it also has an option to disable the proofer on the site that you are on.

after the deadline settings

Just click the toolbar icon and select ‘Disable on this site’ from the drop down.

In case you forget to scan your text entry before submission, After the Deadline notifies you with a message to verify whether you want to submit it before proofreading. Click Cancel and go back to checking your writing first.

after the deadline

After the Deadline in Firefox

Launch Firefox. Go to to install your plugin for firefox.
It basically works the same way in Firefox as it does in Google Chrome.

after the deadline addon

The ABC button is added to the lower right corner of textboxes. Once you make the text entry, click this button to activate the After the Deadline scan. It will give you spelling, grammar and syntax suggestions. Right click on the underlined text to choose or ignore the corrections suggested.

after the deadline addon suggestion

The settings or options for After the Deadline can be accessed in Firefox by going to Tools tab on the menu bar. Go to Add-ons and select AtD Preferences. The After the Deadline preferences window will open up wherein you can select the language and proofreading options you want.

after the deadline firefox preferences


After the Deadline is not just another spell checker; it is smarter as it considers context to suggest what you really need. Through Chrome and Firefox, you can take this powerful proofreader anywhere on the web, be it twitter, facebook, linkedin, or your regular email window on gmail, yahoo, and more. Whether writing for the web or just interacting with friends, After the Deadline makes sure your online presence is always polished.