How To Check Your Twitter Spam Score

In recent times, in the world of Twitter, there has been a negative development i.e. increasing number of spam.  The problem will persist until Twitter devises ways and means to weed out these spammers.  Therefore, it is a good idea to know how to identify these spammers and how they are managing to post their thoughts.

twitter spammer

Ways And Means to Identify Twitter Spammers

Firstly, you must keep it in mind that not every follower of yours need be your well-wisher or friend.  You can see the reflection of first warnings in figures, especially when the figures cross the thousand marks.  A profile that follows more individuals and less number of individuals following it is also a suspicious account.  Profiles that have very large number of followers without comparable updates can also be spam.

Tools that are Available to identify Twitter Spammers

Twitter Grader

This free Twitter tool will enable you to check the efficiency of your profile in comparison of millions of other profiles. Twitter Grader will rank your Twitter page by calculating follower to following ratio.

twitter grader


  This again is an excellent tool.  This has a robot known as Twiti-tastics.  This robot used to scan the entire Twitter.  It performs a few scans everyday a few scans to decide the biggest twit among all the users.


This tool also gives a list of top users and you can get the list by location.  Name of the website of this tool is  Every day it crawls the most popular users and others at random.

Tweet Blocker

This is a latest tool that is now available which will enable you to get rid of spam accounts to which you might have become a follower to use of auto follow facility or due to hasty decision by you. It uses a combination of Bayesian algorithm and Black list style identification in order to identify spammers by analyzing the contents of their tweets.

tweet blocker

 This is an excellent tool in your war against spammers.  Once your twitter account is authenticated Tweeter block produces a list of followers along with a numerical score and “at a glance” letter grades in accordance to the degree of spam.  The grading is as follows “A+ the best and F the worst.”  Based on this you can either unfollow or block the account.

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Apart from the use of above-mentioned tools, there are some more important steps to perform, in order to prevent spam in your Twitter profile

Consider all developments in the Twitter stream of a profile. The date and time of updates and proportion of hyperlinks that it contains. The frequency of answering others Tweets.

Distributing and sharing of data among all close friends and other users.  Notice whether a profile is only broadcasting backlinks and providing straightforward answers with contents not of much significance. If your search shows you only very few customers are answering and replying again, retweeting and acknowledging their updates, then they are not spammers and they would not increase consumers spam score.

After reading all the tips discussed above, you may want to utilize the tools and methods discussed in the above paragraphs. They can certainly help in protecting your Twitter account from the tyranny of spam and spammers.