How to Choose a Gaming Computer

Gaming consoles are no doubt very popular today, yet playing games on PC has its own charm. It serves as a great source of entertainment for millions of game lovers with lots of new games coming up every year. But for today’s graphically complex games, you need a high performance computer. There are some essential components that a gaming PC must have. Unless you know what the specific components you should look for that can support high end graphic application while choosing a game friendly PC, you cannot enjoy great game play and good performance.

A perfect gaming computer gives better performance, great gaming experience and gaming solutions that are cost effective. A perfect gaming computer must have the following components, especially the processor, video card and the RAM.

CPU For Gaming Computer

CPU or processor, being the brain and speed of the computer, is one of the most important parts of the computer that you have to consider for a high performance gaming computer. Your gaming software application will only run faster if CPU is upgraded. The processor is the taskmaster of your system and provides instructions to all other parts. So, the faster the processor, the more efficient the tasks will be. Games can crash or stall, especially when other programs are running, with a slower processor.

To run the system smoothly during game play, your system will need minimum of 2.0 GHz processor. Currently Intel and AMD are the two companies which rule the market.  AMD will be a better choice as the money you will spend will be worth it. The Intel processor will be expensive for you, as you will have to pay extra money for the technology called hyper-threading which is not required for PC games. The latest processor available is multi-cores.  Try to get maximum cores possible for higher speed and optimal performance. Most dual core processors are right for gaming, but if you want amazing performance, look for quad core processor. AMD is marketing two main models for CPU – Athlon II and Phenom II. Performance wise Phenom II is better.

Video Card For Gaming Computer

A good video card is extremely important for a gaming PC. A video card is vital for processing of your games’ 3D graphics. Without a video card, your computer is just a regular computer. Choosing a right Gaming Video Card for your PC is not an easy task. Graphic cards are available with different features. It is a component that determines how good your PC is for gaming. A good quality graphic card provides better 3D gaming experience. So choose the best video card you can afford.

Make sure the video card you purchase has a high memory capacity for quality gaming experience. Most video cards used in gaming computers are of 4GB capacity and sufficient for most video games. But with introduction of newer video game packages, your favorite game may require something higher than this. If you are a game lover, sparing money for a good video card will never go waste.

There are two brands that hold the market for video card – Nvidia and ATI.  Nvidia’s brand is known as the Nvidia GeForce and ATI’s video card is known as Radeon HD.  NVIdia comes with a specific technology known as PhsyX to bring realistic effects to the game and thus, is more preferable.

RAM For Gaming Computer

Physical memory, or Random Access memory, is another vital component for a good gaming PC. When gaming software is run on your computer, it is stored temporarily in the RAM. More the amount of RAM you have in your computer, better the performance of the game will be. RAM is the memory which keeps track of the entire program that have been opened recently.

More RAM allows your computer to run more programs at a time. With today’s memory intensive video games, you need quick processing times. There are various types of RAM available. The latest type of RAM available is DDR3. A new computer should be equipped with DDR3. 6GB Ram is good enough for running all the modern games. But if you want to maximize the performance, you can upgrade it from 8GB to 12 GB.

Power Supply For Gaming Computer

Though power supply has nothing to do with your gaming performance, yet it is highly important for your computer. It is essential to get enough power supply to save the components of your computer.

If power supply is weak, it can damage vital components.  At least 650 watt power supply is needed to protect the components from damaging.

The Motherboard For Gaming Computer

The Motherboard can be called the soul of the computer. So selecting the right mother board is extremely important. If you have already selected a processor, the task of selecting motherboard will become little easy. You have to select a motherboard, from tons of motherboards available, that supports your processor. After choosing the motherboard, pick up the right RAM so that it can match the processor as well.

Your motherboard must have several I/O connectors for attaching devices like video card, sound card etc. Some latest motherboards come with on-board audio and separate sound card is not required. Now decide what type of video card you want to use. If you are looking for a low to medium-end gaming computer, you will need a motherboard that supports PCI-Express x 16 port. But if you are interested in high end gaming performance, you must have motherboard that support Crossfire or SLI. Most motherboards support SATA or SATA-II drives. But if you want to use multiple SATA drive, you must have a motherboard that can support multiple drives. Choose a motherboard of good brand. Some reputed brands are ASUS, DFL, MSI or Gigabyte.

CD/ DVD Drive For Gaming Computer

While purchasing a CD/ DVD rom, check its speed. The speed should not be less than 48x.

Monitor For Gaming Computer

To enjoy a good gaming experience, monitor is the ultimate device. LCD monitor can give you great gaming experience.

Choosing the above mentioned components correctly will help you to get the best gaming computer. The right and careful selection of components like Graphic card, RAM, and Processor together can make the best gaming computer one can have.