How To Choose The Best Twitter Background Design

Even though blogging and social networking is meant for people who like to write and express their views, but the looks of the blog can really attract a lot of people towards it. Your twitter account can speak a thousand words when you add a background to it.

Besides just tweeting on a daily basis, think of making it even more appealing by putting a background image, color or a pattern. You may think that this might be a tedious task. But you are wrong. It is the simplest thing ever.

Steps To Choose The Best Twitter Background Design

Open account

In the first step the user will be required to open the Twitter account. Go on the main page and press on the sign in button. Fill in your username and password. Once you fill the two mandatory details, your account will open.

sign in to twitter


In the profile, you will come across a settings button. It will be located on the top right of the profile. Do not waste time in looking for it as it is very clearly mentioned on the website.

twitter settings

The settings will contain all the information that is required by you in order to modify the page. Click on the settings button.

Design Tab

Once you click on the settings button, another button called the design tab will be shown over there. Along with all the options presented look for the design tab. As soon as you find it, click on it. This tab will help you in changing the looks of your Twitter account.

design tab

Selection of Themes

Twitter will give you an option of selecting the themes which are already made available by the company. They are available in a variety of colors, designs and patterns. So, if you feel satisfied with the ones that are already available, you can simply select any one out of them. But if you do not like any of them, then follow the next step.

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Change Background Image

In the same page the option of “change background image” will be seen. Select the option and move ahead with putting an image that you like the best. One can also put his or her own image. No matter what you like, make sure that it is available on your PC or laptop.

change background

This option will simply upload the image of your choice as your twitter background design. Business owners who are using this account as a promotional tool, they can upload the picture of their company or brand logo.

Change Design Colors

The colors too can be changed with the help of the option “change design colors”. There are almost 100 colors available in this option. Choose something that either goes with the image uploaded by you or is in contrast with it.

change design colors

Save it All

After making all the changes, do not forget to save them. After saving, just refresh the page to see the changes. Hence these easy steps will help you incredibly in choosing the right background design for your Twitter account.